CUMaSKini 15/07/2015: CUMaS Outreach, BCG KL Outreach, KDU 3rd International Student Conference

15th July 2015 Dear CUMaS, My my, Instagram and Facebook are exploding with all the photos you all are posting from your holidays! We hope that you’re all enjoying yourselves this summer break, you’ve definitely earned it! For those of you who are back from vacation, why not check out some of these upcoming events? […]

CUMaSKini 23/06/2015: Malaysian Medical Student Summit, TalentCorp Semester Break Programmes, Shell Summer Camp

23rd June 2015 Dear CUMaS, Just like that, another academic year has come and gone. Those of you that are graduating will undoubtedly be missed, and we wish you all the best of luck in your future endeavours. For the rest of us that aren’t graduating, we have another year of sweat, tears and coffee […]

CUMaSKini 30/4/2015: Oxbridge Games, Yayasan Harapan Kanak-kanak Malaysia, Garden Party

30th April 2015 Dear CUMaS, We hope all of you had a great and productive Easter break! It was nice having so many of you attending our Easter Formal in Peterhouse last Tuesday and judging from the photos on Facebook and Instagram, it seems like everyone had a really good time! As Tripos looms ahead, […]

CUMaSKini 25/03/2015: Axiata Networking Session, Careers Fair, Oxbridge Games, FCO Graduate Internships, 56th Oxford and Cambridge Society Malaysia Annual Boat Race Ball

24th March 2015 Dear CUMaS, Greetings and salutations from your awesome new committee! We hope that MNight lent some excitement to an otherwise dull term; we certainly had fun performing it! As Easter term(and Tripos exams) approach, we feel that it is important to do something besides study, hence attached below are a list of events […]

CUMaSKini 04/03/2015: MNight 2015 Updates, CUMaS Committee Handover, Sports Equipment, iCUSU Committee Elections, CUCNY Trust Committee

4th March 2015 Dear all, This is it! Our (CUMaS Committee 2014/15) very last CUMaSKini before the new committee is in charge! Don’t miss us too much and do expect your next CUMaSKini to be sent by keyboard warrior Sir Victor Teh! Because this poem is written by Malaysia’s own Xu Zhimo, we think that it deserves to […]

CUMaSKini 25/02/2015: Annual General Meeting, MNight 2015, CUMaS Sweaters, iCUSU Elections, iCUSU Talent Show Tickets, Shell Careers

25th February 2015 Dear all, This is it! The biggest event of the year is happening next week! (Guess what it is? Malaysia Night of course! Have you seen the AMAZING and RELATABLE trailer?) Another major event better known as The Annual General Meeting (AGM) will also be happening tomorrow! There are so many important events happening in […]

CUMaSKini 09/02/2015: MNight 2015, Chinese New Year Lunch 2015 and Karaoke Session, CUMaS Sweaters, Annual General Meeting, CUMSA Play 2015, Shell Malaysia Careers, KPUM Spring Formal, KPUM Lawatan Sambil Belajar

9th February 2015 Dear all, Happy Week 4 everybody! Today’s newsletter is a series of important reminders because they are…important! Other new notices include: Karaoke Session (Post-CNY Lunch event); our sister society CUMSA’s Annual Play; Shell Malaysia Career Opportunities; KPUM Spring Formal and Lawatan Sambil Belajar Yang aysik bekerja, CUMaS Committee 2014/2015  MNight 2015 Chinese New Year […]

CUMaSKini 01/02/2015: Lent Term Formal Reminder, Chinese New Year Lunch, CUMaS Sweaters, MNight 2015, Annual General Meeting, iCUSU World Cup

1st February 2015 Dear all, It is the first day of February already. Time flies doesn’t it? Today’s issue of CUMaSKini is *probably* one of the most important CUMaS newsletters ever received. Looking at the list below there are a lot of important announcements to make and we wish that you do take some time […]

CUMaSKini 19/01/2014: Important Calendar Dates, Membership Benefits, iCUSU Talents Show Audition, Summer Work in Cambridge

19th January 2015 Dear all, Happy Week 1 and welcome back to Cambridge! We hope you had a restful holiday and are all geared up for another 8 weeks of term! Below are some updates about CUMaS and notifications in general. Note the important calendar dates and pre-book those slots in your calendar. Changes on […]

CUMaSKini 12/12/2014: CUMaS End of Term Feedback, Taylor’s Placement Centre, Summer Work in Cambridge, Malaysian Baby Food Survey

12th December 2014 Dear all, We hope that everyone is enjoying their Winter Break whether it is travelling, going back home, or simply just relaxing in Cambridge! Just do not forget to revise! Do spend some time to read our first CUMaSKini winter break edition. Special attention to our CUMaS-end-of-term feedback form for us to improve […]

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