Members Area


Are you a CUMaS member? A Malaysian student at Cambridge? Or just a visitor curious about our society?

In any case, welcome to the Members Area of our website. Browse through our Events section to find out more about our memorable events past and future. Or stay up to date with the latest announcements through our online newsletter CUMaSKini.

All Malaysian students at Cambridge University are strongly encouraged to sign up as a member of CUMaS to take advantage of our discounts and keep track of our events and hangouts (For more details, check out our Membership Benefits).

If you are interested in registering as a member of CUMaS, please fill in the form here. The membership fees are:

Lifetime membership — £12.00
1-year membership — £7.00

If you just want to keep track of us, visit our SRCF Mailing List page to subscribe to our regular announcements and news by e-mail.