Cambridge University Malaysia Society (CUMaS)

A Cambridge Society, For Everything Malaysian

About us

CUMaS is a non-profit organization that serves as a platform to unite Malaysians while promoting Malaysian culture and traditions. CUMaS provides a social platform for members to interact and participate in various activities and events tailored for the welfare of its members and to promote Malaysian culture. It also serves as a platform to unite Malaysians who are scattered over the many colleges of the university. CUMaS provides a place where members are free to express themselves in a familiar setting whilst in a foreign country.

CUMaS is run by a dedicated student committee, and funded by generous sponsors. We are always open to any feedback, so do give us a shout if you have any questions or comments!

Members benefit and social events

Monthly welfare pack and family system to help Malaysians in Cambridge feel like a home. Social events ranging from a simple hotpot gathering to social networking with other society is available. 

Assist prospective students and incoming Freshers

We held outreach and CAMBRIDGING-Fund annually to assist potential students with their applications, as well as assisting freshers to blend in the Cambridge environment. 

Talks and annual events

High calibre speakers are invited to provide insightful talks about a wide range of topics from current Malaysia events, career to environment. Annual events like Oxbridge Sports, MNight and Oxbridge Alumni events  will expand your social networks. 

Annual Flagship Events

Marked * – Due to COVID restrictions, these events might be postponed.

Marked # – Due to COVID restrictions, these evetns are held virtually.

Outreach #

Near July, we would held talks to provide latest application guidelines straight from Cambridge admissions tutor and provide mock-supervision sessions to prospective students. These events are free and aimed to ship students to Cambridge.

Fresher’s Banquet #

Assist would be freshers to get acquainted with existing members and their own year group, as well as any preperation on arrival to Cambridge.

Malaysian Cultural Night #

A short drama to show-off our rich culture while drawing members closer together. Past videos available inour Youtube channels.  

Garden Party

Celebrate those who have successfully finished their time at Cambridge and also just to bring out that post-exam festive cheer.

Malaysian Food Feast *

At mid-term, we would quench our desire for our extraordinary matchless Malaysian cuisine while overseas

Alumni gathering *

Current students would meet alumni to expand their social network and receive advice regarding job prospects or PHD studies. 


CUMaS is governed by a written constitution that can only be amended during Annual General Meetings. You can view or download the constitution here.

Becoming a Member

If you are interested in registering as a member of CUMaS, the membership fee is as follow:

Lifetime membership — £12.00 1-year membership — £7.00 If you just want to keep track of us, visit our SRCF Mailing List page to subscribe to our regular announcements and news by e-mail.

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