Application Procedure

Here is a simple 7 step process on how to apply to Cambridge:

  1. Fill in the UCAS undergraduate application form , selecting University of Cambridge as one of your university choices. The institution code is CAM C05.
  2. Fill up the Cambridge Online Preliminary Application (COPA), information of which can be found here.
    (Not applicable to students who study their pre-U courses in the United Kingdom)
  3. Write up a PERSONAL STATEMENT to be attached to your UCAS application, for which useful guidelines can be found here.
  4. Complete the online Supplementary Answer Questionnaire (SAQ), information of which can be found here.
  5. Prepare for and take an INTERVIEW (either in Malaysia or Cambridge)
  6. Sit for any additional CAMBRIDGE ASSESSMENTS (e.g. Cambridge Law Test, BMAT, TSA, etc.)
  7. WAIT and pray hard for admission results to be released!
    (Note: Don’t feel inferior if you are pooled, it just means you are given a second chance to be selected by Cambridge!)

Links to more details regarding applying can be found below:

UCAS Application
Personal Statement
Admission Tests