Committee 2020/21


President: Ng Su Shien
History & Politics in Newnham’
Hello everyone 😀 It’s 🍣 + EN. As President, I will be responsible for overlooking the operations across all aspects of the society. I’ve met the loveliest people and formed friendships I’m certain will last a lifetime through CUMaS! I am very grateful to be leading such a wonderful committee and hope to continue CUMaS’ legacy as a close-knit, open, and welcoming community.


Interesting facts about me:

Kahoot! Name: *shiensation*

Bubble tea order: Oolong milk tea, large, 100% sugar, less ice, WITH golden pearl

The text on my phone is at the biggest possible font size but it’s still not big enough for me


Secretary: Low Su Yi
Land Economy in Newnham
Hi!! I’m Su Yi, the CUMaS Secretary for the year. My role is to welcome in new members to the society; I also oversee the Garden Party, the AGM and the overall operations of CUMaS. This society, its events and its members have helped me to love life at uni – I hope it can do the same for you! If you ever want to have a chat, or have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out 🙂


Interesting facts about me:

I really love stargazing and going on adventures!

If you’re (un)lucky Su Yi will show you the Orion Star when you’re walking with her at night.- Dhilen


Treasurer: Loong Huey Xin
Chemical Engineering in Fitzwilliam
Hello!! I’m Loong and I’m in charge of the society funds (obviously). I oversee the Malaysian Food Festival (MFF) and also help you to get discounts from restaurants around Cambridge 😀


Interesting facts about me:

I only buy stuff with a red price tag at Sainsbury’s.

I’m currently obsessed with Doctor Who.

She’s very aunty. (True story) – Dhilen


Publicity Officer: Aldric Goh
Engineering in Jesus
Hello, I’m Aldric, here to think of ways to make our events look as interesting as possible so we can have more people participating. Editing videos and pictures is basically my job (owh and to take photos so don’t be camera shy)


Interesting facts about me:

I am a Marvel fan and can tell you from beginning to end the entire MCU (If you have the patience)

Feel free to find me anytime I’ll wake up and hang out lol


Entertainment Officer: Natasha Siew Yen Loke
History and Modern Languages in Murray Edwards
Hello, I’m Yen-yen! My job is to organise M Night which is going to be the most fabulous night of the year 🙂 I’m planning something fun and vaguely political so keep your eyes open to get involved 👀


Interesting facts about me:

I’m basically British because I’ve always lived in the UK but I have a Malaysian passport!!

I love reading fantasy books and writing. I also love vampires and Cedric Diggory.


Sports Officer: Alistair Lim
Medicine in St. Catharine’s
Hi 🙂 I’m Alistair and I’m in charge of organising Oxbridge Games, which is the (friendly) sports event between CUMaS and the O*ford malaysian society, OUMC. I also schedule some smaller sports sessions throughout the year to help people unwind and stay fit!


Interesting facts about me:
My favourite sports are athletics and skateboarding, though I love esports too 😉



Welfare Officer: Chong Sai Hou
Natural Sciences (Biology) in Homerton
Hullo, Sai Hou (or Chong) here, and I’m your co-Welfare Officer! Natasha and I are in charge of organising Fresher’s Camp (though this is … different this year). After that, it’s our job to make weathering the Cambridge grind a little easier by giving out welfare packs halfway through each term!


Interesting facts about me:
You’ll most likely catch me in Cafe Nero in Market Street.



Welfare Officer: Natasha Tan
Economics in Pembroke
Hello!! 🙂 I’m Natasha, a co-Welfare Officer for this year! I work closely with Chong in organising Fresher’s Camp, as well as various welfare initiatives throughout the year. Feel free to reach out with any concerns, problems or even just to have a chat – hopefully we can help make Cambridge feel a little more like home!


Interesting facts about me:
I’m CUMaS’ favourite (and probably only) vegetarian, so hit me up for the best veg/vegan places in Cambridge!



Corporate Relations Officer: Melvin Loo
Law in Corpus Christi
Hi! I’m Melvin, the Corporate Relations Officer for this year! My job is to liaise with current sponsors in regards to our various events and to find new sponsors (to, of course, get that bank).


Interesting facts about me:

You can probably find me gaming or watching a netflix show on most days!

Please contact if interested in being Melvin’s girlfriend (experience as a babysitter or nanny required) – Alistair

I, too, would like to screen his potential gfs – Su Shien


Technical Officer: Dhilen Chin
Engineering in Selwyn
Hey everyone, Dhilen here, and I’m the technical officer. I organise and update this website frequently to provide you with the latest information regarding Cambridge.


Interesting facts about me:

I spend too much time on online games.

Dhilen studies 24/7 (Fake Story) – Loong


Socials Officer: Aaron Goh
Economics in Hughes Hall
Hi! I’m Aaron, your Socials Officer. My role is to organise formals and other chill events throughout the year as well as the Freshers’ Banquet. Feel free to hit me up with any bright ideas. I hope that these events can help you feel at home despite being away from home.


Interesting facts about me:
My perfect day would start with anime and end with anime.



External Officer: Dhilen Chin
Engineering in Selwyn
It’s me again!! As the external officer, I’m responsible to provide guidance and information that are useful for your application to this wonderful university.


Interesting facts about me:
I’m slightly introverted so I had to lie on my resume to get this role.



Alumni Officer: Ng Xuan Yi
Economics in Selwyn
Hey, I’m Xuan and I’m the Alumni Officer Together with Abel, we organise events to get you connected with the alumnis both in Malaysia and abroad


Interesting facts about me:
I was addicted to chai latte during lent term, and they somehow cost more than my meals.



Alumni Officer: Abel Lau
Engineering in Pembroke
Hey, I’m Abel and I’m the Welfare Officer Together with Xuan Yi, we organise events to get you connected with the alumnis both in Malaysia and abroad


Interesting facts about me:
I don’t do 9am’s unless it’s a lab (Aldric can testify to this) but if it’s anything not academic-related I’d wake up anytime



Graduate Representative: Scott Lee
PhD in Medical Sciences in Downing
Hi all, I’m Scott and together with Khai Khai, we are the graduate representatives. Postgraduate study can be quite a solitary endeavour at times, so we will work to bring the postgraduate community together by organizing various social events such as formals and game nights. We will also be the point of contact for any postgraduate study-related questions (such as PhD funding, support for families, etc.) so feel free to drop us an email anytime!


Interesting facts about me:

Just had the dread realization that I must be the oldest member of this committee… probably time to own up to my age.

Also, I like dancing, gaming and reading fantasy books.


Graduate Representative: Khai Khai Saw
Medicine in Emmanuel
Hi, I am Khai Khai, the other grad rep with Scott 🙂 Scott is the responsible rep, I am just here for the bantz haha. As mentioned, postgrad life can be very isolating so please reach out if you need someone to talk to. We are lonely postgrads too haha. Feel free to get in touch about anything. Even if we can’t answer your queries ourselves, I’m sure we’ll be able to direct to people who can! If you want to advertise any *relevant* social or academic events or FUNDING OPPORTUNITIES, feel free to contact us too!


Interesting facts about me:
I am tall.