Committee 2021/2022

President: Ryan Tey
Mathematics, 2nd year, St Johns
Hello! Ryan here. I constantly alternate between dealing with impostor syndrome and tending to my hyperinflated ego, but rest assured that I love CUMaS with all my heart and strive to lead the society to greater heights. To experience CUMaS is to feel the warmth of the Malaysian spirit, and I hope that my (extremely capable) committee and I will be able to imbue this semangat into our CUMaS keluarga and all that we do.

Interesting facts about me:
I like to believe that I am the most Malaysian Malaysian out there and am willing to take on any doubters of or contesters to this claim. Also, if you enjoy sad Chinese songs, please hmu and we can vibe 🥺
Interesting facts about me (committee version):
His master plan as the President is to amend the constitution and form a harem.~ Clarissa
Addicted to Thai FoodTruck ~ Alea
Tried to pass a law that all CUMaS marriages must strictly be incestuous or a part of his personal harem within his first term of presidency ~ Nic
He’s got good ukulele (and also playing skill ofc). ~ Joyce
Uncle ~ Min Hui
jom CUMaS karaoke sesh ~ Daniel
Amongst the CUMaS Male comm, I would rate his appearance #5 ~ Jia Zheng
Tried to pass a law that all CUMaS marriages must strictly be incestuous or a part of his personal harem within his first term of presidency ~ Nicole
(NGx99999) who’s the one laughing this time ~ Min Xuan

Secretary: Nicole Choong
Computer Science, 2nd Year, Gonville & Caius
Your local chaotic secretary has arrived to give the committee members a headache and the rest of the society a fun ass time. I am always sleep deprived but still alive enough 😀

Interesting facts about me (committee version):
Nicole lives and works in a dark cave, as a true comp sci does. Beware of her cooking, there’s a 50-50% chance it may cause food poisoning. ~ Clarissa
She’s a compsci but I think she’s even more artsci. ~ Joyce
Best graphic designer ~ Min Hui
yo wife why you ain’t post my dating ad no wonder I’m still single ~ Daniel
Smol but will bite if provoked (unless you’re made of nuts, or gluten, or one of her many allergies). ~ Ryan
Selectively allergic to greens. SHAME ON YOU ~ Jia Zheng
reason we don’t need grammarly ~ Min Xuan
Lenglui ~ Zhi Yan

Treasurer: Clarissa Teh
Engineering, 2nd year, Gonville and Caius College
Heya!! I’m Clarissa, this year’s CUMaS Treasurer! I’m in charge of two things that Malaysians hold very close to our hearts: food and money. Look forward to next year’s Malaysian Food Festival, Chinese New Year Lunch, and sweet, sweet deals from restaurants across Cambridge!!

Interesting facts about me:
“I cannot eat spicy food (but I swear I’m 100% Malaysian).
Hmu anytime for some frisbee!!”

Interesting facts about me (committee version):
– Thank you for the cookie 🥺 ~ Daniel
– She very fittingly manages to profit off of being the treasurer by somehow convincing the restaurant uncles and aunties to give her free food?? Which she doesn’t share with the secretary ~ Nicole

Publicity Officer: Thaqif Aris
History and Politics, 2nd year, Gonville and Caius College
Hi there everyone! If I’m not drowning in primary sources and/or essays you can find me vibing in my room to some chill tunes. Hit me up anytime!

Interesting facts about me:
I have a weird double jointed thumb
Interesting facts about me (committee version):
Ranking  #2 (definitely not because you have muscles) ~ Jia Zheng
Strictly the worst in the committee at rowing ~ Nicole

Sports Officer: Daniel Leong
Phys NatSci, 2nd year, Trinity
Hello friends it is I Sports Officer Daniel. I am here to make sure you are healthy and fit by guilt tripping you to play sports. Come come CUMaS offers badminton 🏸 basketball 🏀 football ⚽ tennis 🎾 frisbee 🥏 bouldering 🧗 daidi ♣️ and who knows maybe even some exercise or dAnCe classes…? Also, I liaise with our Singaporean neighbours to join forces against Oxf*rd in our grand annual Oxbridge Games! Don’t worry I’ll peer pressure you to participate 😉

Interesting facts about me:
Join me in karaoke to hear me sing TWICE songs and some sick dance moves
Interesting facts about me (committee version):
Look forward to some spicy kpop classes taught by Daniel. ~ Clarissa
Has a mean Twice dance repertoire (evidence available upon request). ~ Ryan
Ranking #4 (a lil better than Ryan)~ Jia Zheng
The SINGLE reason why I managed to pass my maths module and the owner of my SINGLE brain cell- Oh yeah did I mention that he’s single please date him ~ nicole

Welfare Officer: Kyla Wong
Chem Eng 2nd year at Newnham <3
Heya I’m Kyla, CUMaS’s welfare officer this year! I organise families for the incoming freshers & plan the freshers banquet before we all head to Cam during the fall!! Look out for termly welfare packs & events to overcome week 5 blues too!! 🐻

Interesting facts about me:
Love an iced OATly latte every morning
Interesting facts about me (committee version):
To Everyone: Everyone in the comm is too wholesome really
Zhi Yan too shy to CUMaS propose to you😉 ~Jia Zheng
The only wholesome bean in this wreck of a comm ~ Nicole

Corporate Relations Officer: Min Hui Chong
Psychological and Behavioural Sciences (PBS), 2nd year, King’s College
Hello ~ Min Hui here, and I am your Corporate Relations Officer for this year. I’m in charge of keeping CUMaS rich 😉 Please hit me up if you’re interested in collaborating with CUMaS!

Interesting facts about me:
Addicted to sour food (the sourer, the better ><)
Interesting facts about me (committee version):
Auntie ~Joyce
Small but Mighty? ~ Jia Zheng
smol but mighty don’t mess with her ~ Min Xuan
Takes too much enjoyment in scheduling meetings at ass in the morning and the sole reason why I’ve lost at least 30 hours of sleep ~ Nicole

Technical Officer: Zhi Yan Lee
2nd year Chemical Engineering via Natural Science in Pembroke
Hi I am Zhi Yan, I am in charge of the the website, zoom and anything technical. Please tell me if there are any bugs on your computer, I will refer it to my friends who might be comp.sci major.

Interesting facts about me:
I need some pokemon partner.
Interesting facts about me (committee version):
Ranking  #3 (plz don’t hacc my acc) ~ Jia Zheng
Keeps me humble by existing in the committee… With every deadline I miss I fear being replaced by him ~ Nicole

Socials Officer: Alea Yang Ni
Natural Sciences, 2nd Year, Magdalene
Hey!! I’m Alea, your Socials Officer 🙂 I’ll be organising fun events, formals and gatherings, so do let me know if you have any ideas! Looking forward to meeting everyone and making the CUMaS community feel like a family!

Interesting facts about me:
Any food in front of me will always mysteriously disappear.
Interesting facts about me (committee version):
HRH Queen of Thousand Sterling Shark. ~ Joyce
She says she’s a banana but thaT’S A LIE. ~ Clarissa
hahaha Ellyyyyy ~ Daniel
More effective than a vacuum cleaner. She barely drink, just a bottle a day. Also, @Daniel, ONLY I CAN CALL HER ELLY!!!!~ Jia Zheng
Actually has two roles in CUMaS – Socials officer and Food Waste ~ Nicole Bin

External Officer: Jia Zheng Ong
Engineering, 2nd year, Trinity College
Hi, I’m Jia Zheng, your #1 External Officer. My main role/goal is to get as many Malaysians into Cambridge and take over the Singaporean Society one day 😏. On top of that, my role also includes supporting prospective students along their application, in-charge of outreach events and encourage you to embark on your Cambridge journey. Feel free to slide into my dmssss should you have any concern 😉

Interesting facts about me:
I like to name other people’s guitar, I ate lots of dark chocolate digestives, I don’t eat ice cream/donuts/cookies/coffee unless it’s free 🌚
PS: I’m (selectively?) allergic to alcohol 😛

Interesting facts about me (committee version):
Another uncle oops ~ Min Hui
Always the loudest and the most hyped person in the room, I am jealous tbh. ~ Joyce
He is old. ~ Alea
He makes the best microwaved rice, if anyone needs a recipe. ~ Clarissa
has a lot of good stories and adventures to tell ~ Daniel
Banned from Alabama for being the home wrecker of incestuous marriages ~ Nicole
Have you left your room ~ Min Xuan
Lengzai ~ Zhi Yan
Min Xuan

External Officer: Min Xuan Ho
Engineering, 2nd year, Jesus College
Hi, I’m Min Xuan, your external officer. My role is to support prospective students along their application, hoping to increase accessibility to our community!! Feel free to reach out whenever 🙂

Interesting facts about me:
to be discovered
Interesting facts about me (committee version):
She’s the only engineer I know with a normal sleep schedule. ~ Clarissa
She survives without Brita water =O ~ Joyce
Her background noise and echoes always dominate a group call. ~ Min Hui
no comment :)~ Jia Zheng
Could be shrunk by 6cm ideally ~ Nicole

Alumni Officer: Joyce
PBS aka Psychology, 2nd year, Wolfson College
I am your Alumni Officer. I am currently garnering ideas for (covid-safe) alumni events, please please hit me up if you got any, or just want to have a nice catch up or chat!

Interesting facts about me:
“Mature (by Cambridge standard) and petite XD
Would greatly appreciate any contribution of Sarawak laksa (paste/instant noodle/whatever).”
Interesting facts about me (committee version):
Lard is her life. ~ Min Hui
Smaller and Un-Mighty. Petite my ass ~ Jia Zheng
The original Jie Jie ~ Nicole
no one would steal her bike guess why ~ Min Xuan

Graduate Representative: Chee Yong
PhD student pursuing Development Studies at St. Catharine’s College
Hello all. I am Chee Yong, a PhD student pursuing Development Studies at St. Catharine’s College. My main role mainly involves taking care of Malaysian postgraduate students at Cambridge as well as organising social and professional events for them. I hope to be a main point of contact for them whenever they need helps or advices (or even fun!)

Interesting facts about me (committee version):
I love vinyl. Join the music, and we shall dance together. Come together! Btw, I love Blue Moon. Join me for a pint anytime!

Graduate Representative: Joycelyn Tan
PhD in Clinical Biochemistry, 2nd Year, Selwyn
Hi, I’m Joycelyn, and together with Chee Yong, we are your graduate reps!! Postgrads tend to be scattered across the university buried in different departments/libraries/labs so our mission is to bring us all together whenever possible, so we can learn about all the cool stuff our fellow Malaysians are working on 😀 Please feel free to reach out to us about anything postgrad-related, or even hmu if you’d just like to make a new friend!!

Interesting facts about me (committee version):
I’m either doing research on diabetes or working towards getting it myself. Also I tend to go overkill with my exclamation marks!!