Committee 2013/14



Engineering @ Fitzwilliam

Greetings from the CUMaS family! In addition to all the amazing activities that have defined CUMaS, this year we are committed to initiate two unprecedented events – Outreach and Alumni Network. We hope that you can be part of this exciting, adventurous and rewarding journey!


Secretary: IRENE KHOR
Law @ Homerton

Hello! Feel free to drop me an email if you have any questions regarding membership, registration or CUMaS in general. I’m ready to answer most of them, eh-hem, excluding prank emails of course, if you have that in mind. 😉


Treasurer: LIVIA CHAN
Economics @ Murray Edwards

I work with money but more importantly I work for you. Every penny spent in CUMaS is intended to maximise your welfare and to achieve CUMaS’s objective as a non-profit organisation for all our members. You are rest assured that all the upcoming events will be a blast, filled with moments of life! oh. I love pigs btw!


Publicity: MARCUS SIM
Medicine @ Churchill

Want the latest scoop on CUMaS events and student opportunities? Hate missing out on all those cool dinners and formals? Just want someone to e-mail you because you’re really lonely? Well the answer to all that and more is the CUMaSKini! From the newsletter and Facebook, to messenger birds (alright, Twitter), my job is to spam you – I mean – keep you connected with the latest happenings of our busy, busy society. Also, if there’s anything you need publicising within CUMaS, I’m your guy!


Entertainment: SAMUEL GOH
Medicine @ Christ’s 

Ents is short for entertainment – and in the wise words of Robbie Williams, let me entertain you! My main job is to be in charge of Malaysian Night, a stage production that CUMas puts up every year during March. But there’ll be many more things in store besides that – be on the lookout for upcoming events such as talent shows, open mike nights, society wide games, and much more! Also, if you have any ideas for events that we could do to make life here in Cambridge more fun for CUMaS members, do drop me an email 🙂


Engineering @ Churchill

Hi everyone! I will be dealing with everything related to sports; one of the best ways to have fun, stay fit and make and strengthen friendships all at the same time! I thoroughly welcome any suggestions of new sports or improvements in our sporting activities. So let the games begin!! 🙂


Welfare: LIM TIAN XI
Engineering @ Churchill

To some people, Cambridge can be quite a daunting place to be in, especially for someone new. My role as welfare officer is to help you out if you ever feel stressed or if you have any trouble settling down. I will try my very best to help you fit into the wonderful community of Malaysians here in Cambridge. Soon enough, I’m sure you’ll see that being in this lovely place has its wonderful perks and you’ll start feeling very much at home!


Socials: FONG KAH JO
Engineering @ Trinity Hall

In the mood for socializing? Feel like making new friends? Well look no further, you can run straight up and socialize with me! But recently I’ve received many complaints about what a bore I am. That’s why I’ll be organizing many events where we can just…. erm chill, you know?


Sponsorship: GOH KAH WEI
Law @ Girton 

Warning: Only for sponsors, trespasser will be prosecuted. (Hahaha~ not funny at all~) You would say nothing is impossible and impossible is nothing. But, without income, nothing is possible and impossible is something. Hey, wait…… That’s why I am here! I am in charge of corporate relations – a link between the sponsors and the students. If you are a company or a firm who is looking to get into contact with the crème de la crème in Cambridge, feel free to contact me and I will send you our newest sponsorship booklet. Of course, I will be more than happy to reply your email and work something out that benefits both parties. (P/S: Feel free to get away from Cambridge and come to Girton for a vacation trip. I can be your tour guide.)

Technical: LOO HAN RONG
Economics @ St John’s 

I try to make sure the website doesn’t crash.


Logistics: EYTHAN GOH
Engineering @ Magdalene 

Hello! Logistics is the great art of transport and getting things done. So, if you have anything that needs to be done, there can only be one answer to your problems. THE Logistics Officer.


Alumni Officer: GABRIEL TAN
Economics @ Sidney Sussex 

As the alumni officer, I will do my best in bringing the alumni and current students together. Whether you are in Malaysia or Cambridge, I will always make sure you stay connected to Cambridge, to CuMaS!


External Officer: VICTOR CHANG
Law @ Christ’s 

Hello! The Malaysian community in Cambridge is awesome and CUMaS is a wonderful society to be a part of. The only way to make this better is to have even more Malaysians in Cambridge! CUMaS’s ‘Outreach’ initiative aims to do just that, reaching students from as many states in Malaysia as possible to encourage them to apply! So be passionate, be enthusiastic, and be part of CUMaS Outreach!:)


Graduate Representative: GRACE LIM
MPhil in Education Research @ Hughes Hall 

Hi! In case you didn’t know, there are actually quite a lot of Malaysian graduate students in Cambridge! Oh yes, there are! And we all miss the joys of Malaysia and love sharing this with each other. It’s great fun to meet people and being a graduate, that can sometimes be difficult but here, we’ve got a group of people whom are great to be with – jom teh tarik!