Committee 2015/16

President - Amirul Merican President: AMIRUL MERICAN Engineering in Sidney Sussex
The future is uncertain but what’s certain is our tireless effort in continuing making CUMaS: home, family and your support! Looking bright to working with this amazing committee. For now sit back and get excited, as we are about to bring you the best ride you ever had!
Secretary - Ng Jie Yi Secretary: NG JIE YI Veterinary Medicine in Newnham
Hello! Feel free to send me an email if your have any queries regarding registration, membership or basically anything that’s CUMaS related! Looking forward to help all you amazing people out there as best as I can! 😉
Treasurer - Ong Shin Yin Treasurer: ONG SHIN YIN Mathematics in Sidney Sussex
Greetings! I am Shin Yin a.k.a Shin Shin or Shiny, I am responsible for managing CUMaS’s finances and ensuring every penny is spent to maximize the welfare of CUMaS members without compromising the sustainability of the society. I do welcome any suggestions! Hence feel free to drop me an email 😀 When I’m not cracking my head trying to solve a math problem, you can probably find me strolling around Cambridge city centre 🙂
Publicity - Victor Teh Publicity: VICTOR TEH Medicine in Gonville and Caius
As Publicity Officer, I am suitably addicted to Twitter, with a very fast reflex for the RT and favourite buttons. Want something publicised? Get in touch!Also: Teh Tarik is the best. Tambah manis, and hold the puns on my last name.
 Ents-BryanYong Entertainment: BRYAN YONG Engineering in Jesus College
Hey guys! As the ents officer in charge of MNight, my job is to ensure that CUMAS’ flagship event runs smoothly. This year’s production is going to be greater than ever, so be sure to get your hands on some tickets before they sell out!
Sports Officer - James Liew Sports: JAMES LIEW Engineering in St. Catherine’s
Are there any sports that you would like to play in Cambridge? You name it, we’ll play it! Hey guys, I’m James and I’m here to provide you a life outside books! 😀 I believe Sports is a great way to know people and I look forward to see you guys in the upcoming sports outings!
Welfare Officer - Eer Kai Song Welfare: EER KAI SONG Engineering in Newnham
CuMAS is your home away from home and it’s my job to make sure that you never walk alone and to drive those blues away.
Stressed out, lonely, homesick? If you need a pair of listening ears, some helping hands, or just want to have a casual chat, feel free to drop me a message any time! <3
Socials Officer - Chung Shujing Socials: CHUNG SHUJING Natural Sciences in Robinson
Hi Guys, Socials Officer here HAHAX 😀 And don’t worry about me looking cool and quiet, I’m really sociable LOLX :p As your Socials Officer, I organise CUMaS Termly Formals, gatherings, games nights etc. Term time can be really busy and stressful, but I’m really looking forward to bring us all together once in a while and chillax a bit 😀 Let me know if you have any ideas and I’ll try my best to make it happen!
Sponsorship Officer - Amzar Muzani Maarof Sponsorship: AMZAR MUZANI MAAROF Natural Sciences in Churchill
Hi there! I’m Amzar and I’m responsible for ensuring CUMaS has the funds to organize all its amazing events. I identify potential sponsors and collaboration opportunities while ensuring that both parties obtain mutual benefits. CUMaS is a vibrant community with active, intelligent members and an awe-inspiring set of alumni. If you are a company interested in getting in touch with some of the best young minds Malaysia has to offer, please do not hesitate to contact me!
Technical Officer - Alicia Loh Technical: ALICIA LOH Law in Peterhouse
Hello! The written word is my passion (partially hence Law, though there is a plethora of other reasons), and it apparently includes coding. I love designing as well. If you have any suggestions for the CUMaS website, do pop by and let me know!
Logistics Officer - Jane Phea Logistics: JANE PHEA Natural Sciences in Peterhouse
My priority is to make sure that CUMaS events are run smoothly and that everything arrives at the right time in the right quantities (including the people!). I also like really old books, which is great because Cambridge has wonderful bookstores.
Alumni Officer - Vivian Wong Alumni Officer: VIVIAN WONG Engineering in Christ’s
Hi guys! I am Vivian. As your alumni officer, I will do my best to connect the alumni with the current Malaysian students. My main event is in September – the Alumni Dinner whereby you’ll get to meet, connect and rub shoulders with the alumni of University of Cambridge; some of which are really successful and influential people in Malaysia! Duty aside, I treat CUMAS as my own family and a family in need is a family in deed. So, if you have any troubles or just wish to talk, you can always approach me. 🙂
External Officer - Teh Kuok Ren External Officer: TEH KUOK REN Medicine in Girton
Hello! I’m the External Officer this year, which means that my task and passion is in reaching out to people! Thinking of applying to Cambridge, or want to get CUMaS involved to give a talk? I’m your man!PS. If you see me sleeping, I am just resting my eyes. I have never fallen asleep in a dissection.
Graduate Representative - Ainul N Hanafiah Graduate Representative: AINUL NADHIRAH HANAFIAH PhD Public Health and Primary Care in Lucy Cavendish
If I get £1 for every surprised reaction to admitting I’m not an undergraduate, I’d probably be able to fund myself for a luxurious holiday in Malta now! Jokes aside, it’s been a great albeit challenging year of PhD at Cambridge. Couldn’t have survived it without the regular dose of Malaysian food and friends. I reckon we all need a bit of home every now and then, am I right? As such, I hope to bring more of the postgraduates together to participate in CUMaS and enjoy each other’s company over the events organised by the society. Truly, we are all battling the same fight of going through this intense yet amazing institution. So let’s do it together. Malaysia boleh kan? ;P