Committee 2016/17


President - MAH SONG WEI President: MAH SONG WEI 
Natural Sciences in Trinity


I believe that with ambition, passion, guts and the right dose of preparation, nothing is impossible. I like reading, gymming, badminton, rowing, music, cooking, art. Nonetheless, I really hate pigeons taking off suddenly when you force them into corners.

Interesting Facts about Me: The mark on my head was made by a mosquito, or a similar insect which leaves a red bump. Didn’t have it when I was born.

Secretary - TAN ZE KAI Secretary: TAN ZE KAI 
Chemical Engineering via Natural Sciences in Emmanuel

I am a friendly, cheerful and sporting Malaysian. I have a strong sense of responsibilities and determination when it comes to work. I will be dealing with registration and CUMaS membership besides organising events like the garden party. Feel free to ask me any questions regarding CUMaS.

Interesting Facts about Me: When there’s food, there’s Ze Kai. I’m a well known King of Self Jio. Believe me. “Ze Kai is everywhere.”

Treasurer - WONG EU JIN Treasurer: WONG EU JIN 
Chemical Engineering via Engineering in Selwyn

Hey, its Eugene, your treasurer here. Basically I will be dealing with money issues for every CUMaS event, be it paying, subsidizing, claiming etc. Besides, I’m also in charge of the Malaysian Food Festival and CNY Lunch, so feel free to give suggestions or opinions! Since we are a non-profit organization, I need help from all from you to spend the “excess of income over expenditure” money, thank you!

Interesting Facts about Me: Eat, gym, socialize, sleep, dota, anime, movies, cooking, sports, anything but studying (all the money is mine btw)

Publicity - ISABEL CHEW  Publicity: ISABEL CHEW 
Natural Sciences in Homerton

Hi ! I am in love in all things related to craft & music. Basically, I really like to create 🙂 I enjoy lameness, creativity and spontaneity ! (Also: animals, puns and Japanese food!) I am a BIG believer that pictures & videos have the power to capture the moment :3 I’ll keep you up to date and excited about all the amazing things CUMaS has in store for you!

Interesting Facts about Me: I used to draw all over my bedroom wall when I was a kid. My life-long hobby is making craft and decorating my room with my craft, paintings, shapes, fairy lights, glow-in-dark stars and quotes.

Publicity - DENEDY WONG  Publicity: DENEDY WONG 
Natural Sciences in Christ’s

Hello there! I’m Denedy and I identify as a ChemNatSci. I believe that NatScis lie on a spectrum and not a dichotomy between Bio and Phys. I’m part of the Publicity team with Isabel where we will come up with awesome adverts and promos for CUMaS, making sure to fill them with terrible puns, and jokes.

Interesting Facts about Me: I play the piano and love dancing, especially Latin and Ballroom. I’m the newest addition to the CUMaS committee – although there wasn’t mush-room, they let me in because I’m a fun-gi.

 Ents-LYNN PANG Entertainment: LYNN PANG 
Law in Queens’

I’m Lynn a law student from Queens’ College. I’ll be your Entertainments Officer, which basically means I’ll be in charge of directing MNight 2017. I’d be more than happy to get any suggestions you may have for MNight but I must warn you I’m very opinionated and have a clear idea for where I want things to go in MNight. I will not hesitate to shoot down a bad/ridiculous/unfeasible idea. Approach with caution.

Interesting Facts about Me: Runs on caffeine

Sports Officer - LIM JAY YEN Sports: LIM JAY YEN
Economics in Robinson

Hi there! I’m Jay, an economist who loves to play anything. Being a sport enthusiast, I like to play basketball, table tennis, badminton, volleyball and many more! When not playing sports, you will find me spending my life playing dota or watching movies and totally loving it.

Interesting Facts about Me: I love to eat, drink and be merry. However, a part of my heart is reserved for two things I most enjoy, reading novels and talking about life.

Welfare Officer - CLAIRE TAN Welfare: CLAIRE TAN 
Education in Queens’

Hey! I’m Claire, a Queens’ student reading Education with English. On most days you can find me at the Q-bar in college, my favourite place to work. Part of my job is to distribute chocolates to stressed Malaysian Cambridge students, so feel free to drop by and claim them (or a cup of tea)!

Interesting Facts about Me: I laugh very easily, and if you make me laugh too hard, I’ll cry! So don’t get alarmed when you see that happening. XD

Socials Officer - NG YAN CHUAN Socials: NG YAN CHUAN
Law in Lucy Cavendish

As your social officer, I am in charge of organising CUMAS Termly Formals, gatherings, fresher banquet dinner etc. Term time can be really busy and stressful, but I look forward to bringing everyone together. Let me know if you have any ideas and I’ll try my best to make it happen!

Interesting Facts about Me: She is a first-year lawyer at Lucy Cavendish college. She is passionate about education, human rights and philosophy. When she is not busy organizing social events for CUMAS, she can be found debating, dancing, doing Yoga or rowing on the river Camb. She always wonders where can she find time for her studies. Having to take a twenty-month gap year before university was actually a blessing in disguise for her! She found herself travelling, running, swimming, cooking, dancing, diving, trekking, teaching in Sawarak, joining an expedition in Sabah and a cultural programme in India.

Natural Science in Corpus Christi

Interesting Facts about Me:

Sponsorship Officer - Danial Syafiq Sponsorship: DANIAL SYAFIQ
Medicine in Gonville and Caius

Hey there, I’m Danial! As the sponsorship officer, I work to develop partnerships with potential sponsors and handle communication & contract renewals with existing partners. This is to ensure funding is sufficient for all CUMaS events hosted, while allowing beneficial networking between our members & sponsors. More personally, I love going on trips, scuba-diving, & spending quality time with family & friends! If you are a company looking to invest & connect with some of the brightest young minds in Malaysia, please do drop me an email!

Interesting Facts about Me: A compulsive nail-biter in stressful times. If you seek to find out how I’m ever managing, glance at my nails & you’ll instantly know!

Technical Officer -LER SONG LIM Technical: LER SONG LIM 
Engineering in Peterhouse

Hey guys! as your technical officer this year, I deal with everything regarding technical/IT issues, mainly managing website’s content. However, this does not mean that I should be the first person that come in your mind to look for to fix your computer if your computer crashes! I don’t provide that kind of technical support hehe 😛 I’m also interested in graphic design as well, so if you need any help with designiing stuffs, please feel free to email me and I’ll definitely try to help out. I also welcome any free suggestions to improve the website or even the logo design if you dislike it (just joking, do email me if you have any particular idea in mind!)

Interesting Facts about Me: Most of the people are generally confused about my name because any three words of my name can be a surname. (Hint: “Ler Song” is not my given name :)) Besides, I’m still trying to figure out which hairstyle suits me the best, but I believe there is a possibility that the answer to this may never be found.

Logistics Officer - WONG QUAN HAN Logistics: WONG QUAN HAN 
Engineering in Queens’

Hello! I’m Quan Han, an engineer at Queens’ College and also your logistics officer. I help other committee members figure out logistics (storage, equipment, bouncy castles etc.) and also store CUMaS belongings. If you need help with sorting out any details for an event, feel free to ask me for help. Lastly, if you’re thinking of getting any items for CUMaS, plase let me know so I can store it for future use (if my room still has space :P).

Interesting Facts about Me: I’m easy going and like helping others :), I like spending time doing small things like conditioning my shoes and getting my tie exactly right. Also, my dream car is an E30 M3 😉

Alumni Officer - GRACE NG Alumni Officer: GRACE NG 
Chemical Engineering via Natural Sciences in Newnham

I’m Grace your new Alumni Officer 🙂 I’m basically in charge of organising the annual Alumni Dinner and helping reconnect Cambridge alumni with current students for our mutual benefit. Do drop me an email if you have any ideas in mind for future events!

Interesting Facts about Me: I’m addicted to TV series and can be found binge watching Netflix at the best of times. Currently watching How to get away with Murder.

External Officer - AMANDA SIM External Officer: AMANDA SIM 
Engineering in Gonville and Caius

Aloha~ It’s Amanda, your external officer (also known as outreach officer) here. My job is to organise outreach events throughout Malaysia and also arrange mock interviews for Cambridge applicants. I’m here to dispel the myths about anything that has got to do with Cambridge. After all, anything that you see on the internet is not always true. I’m a person who loves playing tennis but hates using sunblock, which explains why I used to be so tanned. But since coming to the UK, the weather here has lightened my skin a lot and you wouldn’t even believe how dark my skin was!

Interesting Facts about Me: Always enjoy talking to friends over a cup of tea in a nice and quiet place! This might be the reason why I haven’t been to a single club in Cambridge.

Graduate Representative - LEE WEN YAO Graduate Representative: LEE WEN YAO
PhD Engineering in Wolfson

Yo! I’m Wen Yao and I’m your graduate representative on the CUMaS committee and I’ll be taking care of the postgraduate CUMaS members. I enjoy bringing people together and I will try to bridge the gap between the postgraduate and undergraduate communities in within Cambridge.Looking forward to meeting all of you (both undergraduate and postgraduate) and do get in touch if you have any suggestions for activities!

Interesting Facts about Me: I may be the the oldest on in the committee but sweets still work as a bribe. And also…. Ironman rocks