Committee 2017/18


President - Ng Tze Donn President : NG TZE DONN
Engineering in Queens’
?president@cumas.orgGreetings, my fellow countrymen and women. Welcome to the CUMaS family! To some, Cambridge can be quite a daunting place with never-ending lectures, supervisions and ‘Tripos-ing’. However, the “Cambridge experience” is so much more than that. CUMaS is here to make sure that everyone has a wholesome and memorable experience – collecting stories that you’ll be able to tell your grandchildren in a few decade’s time!

Interesting facts about me :
Time Magazine’s 2006 Person of the Year. Also, my snore can wake the dead.

Secretary - Matthew Tang Secretary : MATTHEW TANG
Chemical Engineering via Natural Sciences in Churchill
?secretary@cumas.orgHello everyone! I’ll be managing CUMaS’s membership registration, the Garden Party and generally most of what’s going on in this society! I’m always up for a chat if you’ve got some brilliant ideas/suggestions, or also if you’re just feeling bored. Anyone who hasn’t received their membership card yet (sorry) let me know and I’ll make it happen so that you can enjoy our awesome food and drink privileges! 😉

Interesting facts about me :
Big fan of Korean music/shows. I’m considering learning the language to understand what they’re saying..

Treasurer - Teoh Hong Liang Treasurer : TEOH HONG LIANG
Chemical Engineering via Natural Sciences in Magdalene
?treasurer@cumas.orgHello there! I’ll be managing the CUMaS budget, but also organising the Malaysian Food Festival in Michaelmas. If there’s something you cannot miss, it’s the chance to taste home-cooked Malaysian food made with love during those cold winter nights! Remember, CUMaS is here to make your experience at Cambridge an immensely enjoyable one.

Interesting facts about me :
Cooking at midnight is the best way to destress, and it also means you have ready meals for the next few days!

Publicity Officer - Yap Xin Wen Publicity Officer : YAP XIN WEN
Natural Sciences in Emmanuel
?publicity@cumas.orgHey there! As one of your Publicity Officers, you can count on us to keep you up-to-date about all the amazing events the society has to offer. 🙂 I’m an avid origamist and love to draw, so naturally one of my favourite aspects of the job is the design work I get to do! Not the greatest at making puns, but I like to think that I’ve got an impeccable taste in memes.

Interesting facts about me :
Shiba inus are my spirit animal. I also spend way too much time playing video games; must collect all the Korok seeds!

Publicity Officer - Amanda Ong Publicity Officer : AMANDA ONG
Economics in St. Catharine’s
?publicity@cumas.orgHi, I’m Amanda! Xin Wen and I are incredibly excited to be the ones spreading exciting news along your way! What are you waiting for? Like our Facebook page and sign up on our mailing list to keep updated with the latest deets. We promise you, only news, never spam.

Interesting facts about me :
Aesthetics > everything else. Also, I’m taller than the average female Malaysian height on good days.

Entertainments Officer - Chun Hao Zhe Entertainments Officer : CHUN HAO ZHE
Natural Sciences in Emmanuel
?ents@cumas.orgAs the individual orchestrating MNight 2018, I hope to be able to add a little colour to the seemingly-dull Cambridge Life with the means of a play, aiming to bring entertainment to all. My name is Hao Zhe, and I will be serving as Entertainments Officer (i.e. the director of MNight 2018) for the 2017/18 session. Suggestions are always welcome, so do drop me an email if any ideas come up (though we may or may not already have a teaser of the plot in some of the committee’s welcoming message…. hmm).

Interesting facts about me :
Aside from being a Pokémon nerd (and no I do not mean Pokémon Go) and a serious science enthusiast, I also love singing. You do not, however, want to be within hearing range….

Sports Officer - Lin Zi Khang Sports Officer : LIN ZI KHANG
Mathematics in Homerton
?sports@cumas.orgHi, I am Zi Khang. As your sports officer, I am chiefly responsible to organise the Oxbridge Games so feel free to hit me up with suggestions if you want to see any particular sports included. This year, we would be hosting the games and welcoming guests from the other side. It will certainly be an exciting event so I hope to see all of you there. Also, don’t forget the fortnightly badminton sessions. They are vital for blowing off some steam after the arduous revision hours!

Interesting facts about me :
If I get a pound every time someone mispronounces or misspells my name, that would be enough to fund my Cambridge education. Also, I enjoy reading, watching anime, and (very) occassionally, solving Math questions. Besides that, I resolutely believe that 22nd of July should be named ‘pi day’ instead of 14th of March because 22/7 approximates pi better than 3.14.

Welfare Officer - Ooi Yen Xing Welfare Officer : OOI YEN XING
Law in Corpus Christi
?welfare@cumas.orgHi, I’m Yen Xing, law student at Corpus Christi. As the name implies, occupying the position of Welfare Officer means that I am in charge of looking out for the Welfare of our CUMaS members. All you really need to know is that I control the distribution of free snacks in your termly welfare packs. Hit me up with suggestions and then maybe the next set of care packages will have some of your favourites. If you prefer talking rather than food as stress-relief therapy (you strange rare Malaysian), feel free to come and have a chat with me (this term you can find me in Benet hostel across the famed Corpus clock, next term in Newnham House).

Interesting facts about me :
The food item I can’t live without is: A box without hinges, key, or lid, yet golden treasure inside is hid. (Guess it right and you’ll get a free chocolate bar, my precious)

Socials Officer - Lai Dee Loon Socials Officer : LAI DEE LOON
Engineering in Homerton
?socials@cumas.orgHey, I’m Dee Loon and I’ll be responsible for organising formals, Freshers’ Banquet and other events that’ll give a chance for CUMaS members to meet up and have a good time with each other. Hope to see many of you at our events! Feel free to give me ideas and feeedback for events, and I’ll do my best to deliver.

Interesting facts about me :
I’ve amassed an incredible amount of nicknames over the years because of my name, from “timun” to Low-Density Lipoprotein. Also, I enjoy fantasy, sci-fi and psychological themes in books, films, and games.

Sponsorship Officer - Liew Li Hong Sponsorship Officer : LIEW LI HONG
Engineering in Homerton
?sponsorship@cumas.orgI will be the point of contact for you to connect if you are interested to partner with our club. Our committee is very dynamic and our members are enthusiatic too! Just look at the descriptions and you can most likely see that we live our life beyond the thick books (many people perceive us living our lives that way). 😛

Interesting facts about me :
Although I did sciences, I do love literature (mostly modern literature) as well. Can ring me up if you like to stroll along the River Cam or cook ( I cook pretty decent food 😛 ) or badminton too!

Technical Officer - Khong Yi Kye Technical Officer : KHONG YI KYE
Mathematics in Queens’
?technical@cumas.orgHello, I am Yi Kye, your technical officer this year. My job is basically maintaining the CUMaS website (which you are visiting now!) as well as dealing with any technical issues CUMaS might face. This doesn’t mean that I am a technician so please don’t seek my help to repair your laptop if it fell into the River Cam! All jokes aside, do pop by or drop me an email if you have suggestions to improve the website 🙂

Interesting facts about me :
I can recite first 100 digits of pi under 1 minute. Challenge me on this if you don’t believe it 😛

Logistics Officer - Jefferi Hamzah Sendut Logistics Officer :
Law in St John’s
?logistics.cumas@gmail.comHi, I’m Jefferi, studying law at St John’s College. The portfolio of the Logistics Officer is a pretty wide one, involving things from the storage of CUMaS property to general contributions to various society events. You’d be surprised, we actually have quite the range of interesting items. I’ll also be scriptwriting for MNight 2018 which should be very exciting, and I’m always open to suggestions if anyone has any to offer.

I enjoy armchair activism and half-seriously contemplating the modern human condition (sounds pretentious I know), so let me know that’s your thing!

Interesting facts about me :
Partial to bow ties. Also waiting for the day Google Translate means I’m fluent in more than one language (coming soon hopefully).

Alumni Officer - Stephanie Chng Alumni Officer : STEPHANIE CHNG
Law in Peterhouse
?alumni.cumas@gmail.comI act mainly as a bridge between current Cambridge students and the alumni network. I also create a platform which caters to needs ranging from that of the romantic nostalgic to the ardent networker.

Interesting facts about me :
I like exploring what makes people and literary characters tick.

External Officer - Lim Yi Heng External Officer : LIM YI HENG
Engineering in Christ’s
?external.cumas@gmail.comHello everyone! I will be in charge of organising the outreach events across Malaysia, and hopefully I will see you there! Do get in touch with me if you need any help with your Cambridge application!

Interesting facts about me :
I am single.

Graduate Representative - Khong Yin Jou Graduate Representative :
PhD in Engineering in Clare Hall
?cumasgrads@gmail.comHola amigo! I’m Jou, your graduate representative working alongside Sam connecting committees, undergrad and postgrad members. I enjoy hanging out with people, travelling, tinkering stuffs, playing games and sports and watching movies. I have limited work experience compared to my buddy Sam but I do offer some perspectives if you happen to be an electronic/electrical engineer, ping me and we’ll chat! As usual, if you have any great ideas to offer, I am all ears, so please keep em comin!
P/S: I secretly run an underground ghost movie club, you know how to get to me if you want to join 😉

Interesting facts about me :
I typically eat 5 meals per day. Also, iron man rox! – That’s why I am also an engineering PhD grad rep just like the fella before me!

Graduate Representative - Samsurin Welch Graduate Representative :
MPhil in Innovation & Strategy in Queens’
?cumasgrads@gmail.comHi, I’m Sam, your co-graduate representative, I’ll be working with Jou, my fellow grad rep to look out for CUMaS postgrads and bridge between postgrads and undergrads. I love traveling and I also have a bit of work experience and would be happy to chat with anyone about the business world and life after university. Please do get in touch with your ideas or just to chat.

I’ll be taking over as the oldest in the committee and will also carry on the tradition of being partial to chocolates (not sweets) as bribes.

Interesting facts about me :
I do Tai Chi .. and they (unfortunately) let me play with weapons