Committee 2018/19


President : Amir Fariq Anuar
Engineering in Fitzwilliam
Hey! I’m Amir, and I love video games, Netflix (and chill), and socializing! I also play the drums and have tried rowing (once). Don’t hesitate to say hi or flash a smile if you see me around. CUMaS is a warm and friendly place for all, whether you’re from Malaysia and otherwise. I hope you have a good time in Cambridge and feel as welcome in this society as I have when I first got here. I look forward to serving CUMaS as best I can! Feel free to drop me any messages about suggestions, improvements, or overall comments!

Interesting facts about me :
He holds the record for most characters played in a CUMaS MNight (not sure how long this record dates back but he had 4 times as many roles as anybody else in our year!) (Athan)

Secretary : Isaac Teng
Chemical Engineering via Natural Sciences in Churchill
Hey you, yes you. Welcome, to the coolest society of Cambridge.

I hope you were not as confused as I was when I received my offer. Here in Cambridge, everyone learns how to swim, not because in case you fall in the river during punting but actually so you don’t drown in your work.?

Being the secretary, I hope to resume the work of my predecessors in making CUMaS a nice distraction from the typical bustle of life. Hit me up if you have any nice ideas for any kinds of events! I aspire to contribute as much as I can- all before my degree finishes me.

Interesting facts about me : 
1. If I ain’t grinding, I’m balling. (both literally? and metaphorically?)
2. Looks like a charming lad. (Kane)

Treasurer : Hilary Thean Xiao Yen
Geography in Girton
Hello! I’m Xiao Yen, the treasurer of CUMAS committee 2018/19. I’m basically the one who’s in charge of handling the finances of the committee ($$$). I’m also in charge of CNY Lunch and our exciting, annual Malaysian Food Festival.

Interesting facts about me :
1. I’m that Girtonian who doesn’t cycle + into kdrama/kpop!
2. If you’re a single, tall, handsome Korean boy with killer dance moves, then congratulations! The search ends here. You’re welcome. The wedding is already planned. (Austin)

Publicity Officer : Afif Akmal Affian
Engineering in Churchill
Hi! I am this year’s Publicity Officer and I will be the person-in-charge to keep everyone in the society up-to-date. Most of the time you will see me with a camera during any event. Recently, I started designing posters and editing videos in which I believe is a more powerful way to convey message compared to just words. I also enjoy playing squash, so hit me up if you want to play with me!

Interesting facts about me : 
Somehow he manages to be super gone while taking super high quality pictures. Legend. Always lit. Never quit. (Hazriq)

  Entertainments Officer : Elisa Mohamad Izhan
Geography at Newnham
Hello friends! I’m Elisa, your Ents Officer (aka MNight director) for 2018/19. My role as Ents Officer is pretty simple: make MNight 2019 a reality. Put differently, I’m here to ensure that one of CUMaS’ biggest events of the year goes off without a hitch. I’m always open to suggestions, so feel free to drop me an email if you’ve got an idea that’ll make MNight grander than its ever been. I look forward to working with as many people as possible over the next year!

Interesting facts about me :
Sometimes my degree requires me to write about hard rocks, sometimes I write about hard rocks. (Khai Khai)

Sports Officer : Max Khor Khai Shyen
Mathematics in Gonville and Caius
Hi, as your sports officer, I will be organizing fortnightly badminton sessions and fun-filled board game sessions. This year, We’ll be going to Oxford to defend our ‘Oxbridge Game of Thrones’! Any suggestions are welcome.

Interesting facts about me : 
He is a Mathmo (that speaks a lot about him), and he plays badminton as well! I saw him playing foosball once and you might want to check him out!(Afif)

Welfare Officer : Maisey Davidson
Natural Sciences in Newnham
Hi I’m Maisey, your welfare officer! My job is to organise the freshers camp, distribute termly welfare snack packs and help look after the general welfare of CUMaS members! Feel free to approach me if you ever want to chat! I like cute, fluffy animals and memes so if you ever need cheering up hmu!

Interesting facts about me : 
Maisey (A.K.A SKRT GRILL) is a very active CUMaS member. She is well fitting for her Welfare Officer position as she cooks great post-clubbing meals and takes care of me when I’m nepping. Make sure to not give her more than 2 glasses of wine or she’ll K.O ? (Wei Jie)

  Socials Officer : Hazriq Justin Lim
Natural Sciences in Robinson
Hey y’all! I’m Haz (or Hazriq, or Justin, or whatever) and I’m one half of your social officers! Together with Jie I’ll be organising formals and social events as well as helping out with the freshers’ banquet (which hopefully is possible from way down in JB). Hit me or Jie up if you’ve got a snazzy idea for a social event!

Interesting facts about me :
1. I once gave some dude a high fever and a day-long hangover which is why I’m not your welfare officer.
2. Apparently black eyeliner only attracts weird guys. This was found out the hard way. (Brendan)

Socials Officer : Wei Jie Wong
Engineering in Churchill
Hi guys! I’m Wei Jie and together with my partner-in-crime Haz, we will be making sure term is as lit as possible ?. This entails organising formals so members can experience different colleges, the Freshers’ Banquet which is a great time to make some friends before Cambridge, and any other events that will help you de-stress from the endless workload that is Cambridge life ?. I’d love to hear suggestions and feedback from you guys so that we can improve upon prior events and organise other interesting events.Hope you all will be able to turn up!

Interesting facts about me :
In addition to pursuing the traditional formal challenge of attending a formal at every college, Jie takes it a step further by taking a nep in the middle of each of these formals. Always lit times when Jie’s around, and he can be enticed to cycle from Churchill by his standard mamak order of Maggi Goreng double shot. (Maisey)

  Sponsorship Officer : Athan Siah
Economics in Queens
Hi everyone! I’m Athan, the current Sponsorship Officer of CUMaS. I’m reading Economics at Queens’ (it’s the one with the wooden Mathematical Bridge).

Interesting facts about me : 
1. I’m scared of creatures with fewer than 2 legs or more than 4 legs (thankfully they don’t tend to appear much in the depressing UK weather)
2. Will forever be remembered for his iconic line: “Sometimes when you aim for the stars, you’re only gonna get to the clouds…and that’s okay.” #Alian4eva (Elisa)

Technical Officer : Brendan Beh 
Natural Sciences in Emmanuel
Greetings humans! I’m Brendan, your Technical Officer, which means I’ll be maintaining the website you’re on right now, as well as helping out with any technical issues that may come up during our events. This does not mean I know how to fix broken appliances, however; as a theoretical physicist, I understand how your devices work only in theory, and I’ll probably break it even further if I try to fix it. I’m always open to any suggestions for the website, so just send me a message if you have any (or if you just wanna talk about physics/anime/gaming).

Interesting facts about me :
1. I’m always mildly apprehensive of ticking the “Terms and Agreements” box; for all I know, I’ve sold my soul for an hour of free WiFi.
2. I am a good boi.
3. Brendan likes very difficult maths and memes. Alongside his role as technical officer, he is also the founder and producer of the CUMaS meme page. (Maisey)

Logistics Officer : Austin Tang
Medicine in St Catharine’s
Hey, I’m Austin, your Logistics Officer! I’ll be involved in storage and management of CUMaS inventory alongside helping out at events to ensure they run smoothly. I essentially share my living space with around 10 boxes, for many of the random items used and kept by CUMaS throughout the years.
I’ll be the scriptwriter for this year’s MNight, so I’ll be looking forward to meeting the new talent next year! I’ll also be around at most events, so if you see me, feel free to say hi ?

Interesting facts about me :
1. Always definitely free for a music or ? break sometimes only when there’s no work… maybe
2. My supervisor whispering ‘mixed lineage kinase domain-like protein’ into my anatomical snuffbox activates all my beta1-adrenergic receptors. I also has fuor meeshaleen starz in dishwashing. (Khai Khai)

Alumni Officer : Keh Zong Hao
Engineering in Sidney Sussex
Hi, I’m Zong Hao, studying engineering at Sidney Sussex. My role as the alumni officer is mainly to act as a bridge between current Cambridge students and the alumni network. I also organize annual alumni networking events together with Oxford University Malaysia Club (Cambridge is better) and the Oxford and Cambridge University Malaysia Society. If you are actually reading this, well done, I’m impressed, If you have any questions regarding my role or you are an alumnus seeking to reconnect with CUMaS or for any specific requests, do not hesitate to contact me.

Interesting facts about me : 
1. I fancy traveling, food (especially) and outdoor hiking adventures, basically everything that is not Tripos related (sad life).
2. Nicknamed ‘Sleeping Beauty’, Zong Hao becomes more handsome each time he sleeps. No scientific theory has been proposed to explain this phenomenon. You are welcome to do so. (Max)

  External Officer : Saw Khai Khai 
Medicine in Emmanuel
Hiii I am responsible for organising outreach events around Malaysia to encourage more people to apply to Cambridge, and to help Pre-U students with their applications! Feel free to get in touch if you are crying because of uni applications, exam stress or just the harsh reality of life in general. 🙂

Interesting facts about me : 
1. I take calculated risks, but I am not a mathmo. 😛
2. Khai Khai is an enthusiastic, funny, and overall very chill person served up in a small and adorable package. Don’t let her size fool you; she has smarts and wit for days! (Amir)
3. Enjoys calling people good bois.

  Graduate Representative : Kane Toh
PhD in Genetics in Kings’
Hi there, I am Kane, one of the two Malaysian graduate representatives for CUMAS this academic year. I am a PhD student in the Department of Genetics and a graduate student in King’s College. As a wannabe philosopher dressed in a lab coat, I am frequently confused.

Interesting facts about me : 
Kane’s actually younger than you’d like to think. 😛 (Samantha)

  Graduate Representative : Samantha Sie
PhD in Linguistics in Newnham
Hi! Sam here. As your co-graduate representative, I will be working alongside Kane to take good care of our fellow Malaysian graduates, as well as to bring graduates and undergraduates together. We will entice and welcome you into the CUMaS family by organising social activities like grad formals, makan-makan, board games night, and so on. So, keep your eyes peeled for our events on the CUMaS Plus Facebook group or the CUMaSKini newsletter.

Interesting facts about me :
1. I come from a place in Sabah that’s claimed to host the one of the world’s tallest tropical trees (i.e. Shorea Faguetiana, 88.3m)
2. Hmm, I wonder what’s it like being a linguist in Cambridge; must be like a rare commodity, much more interesting that all the other illiterate engineers like myself eh? (Isaac)