Committee 2011/12

Tan Kee Chong

President: TAN KEE CHONG
Engineering @ Gonville & Caius

Greetings, my fellow nasi lemak-loving Malaysians (non-M’sians are welcome too)! Got any queries that you can’t seem to find the answer to here on our website? Feel free to contact anyone of us!

Longing to escape from your assignments and responsibilities, even for just a little while? No problem! We can organize an event or just have a plain good old-fashioned yumcha session. I hope I will see all of you guys at future CUMaS events and that we could get to know each other and become one big family! Cheers.

Nicole Soh

Secretary: NICOLE SOH
Medicine @ Magdalene

Hellooo! I’m Nicole. Ask me anything regarding registration, membership and random queries. Looking forward to serve everyone of you. (:

Sin Fang Yen 

Treasurer: SIN FANG YEN
Economics @ Fitzwilliam

Greetings from your Treasurer! I am here to ensure CUMaS’ finances are in good shape. Also, I am always available should you need help in any way or someone to chat with- please do not hesitate to get in touch with me!

Amanda Chong

Economics @ Murray Edwards

Hey ya, I’m your publicity officer who aims to dutifully update you with all the events and happenings in Cambridge while your inbox gets flooded with tons of other emails. Do take a few minutes off every week to read CUMaSKini! It won’t take up that much time, I promise 🙂 But yeap, I’m pretty sure you are/will be one of our loyal readers if you’re actually reading this! *glad*

Low Wen Zhen

Entertainment: LOW WEN ZHEN
Law @ Queens

As your entertainments officer, my job is to, uh, keep you entertained! Creative ideas are most welcome, and I believe hidden talents – be it in drama, dance, music or otherwise – are meant to be showcased, so please don’t be shy-shy, okay? Watch out for the Malaysian Night, our annual play which has year after year proven itself to be an extremely rewarding experience for participants and the audience alike.

Ian Beh

Sports: IAN BEH
Medicine @ Girton

I am a fan of all sports that involve balls. I hope to make you one too!

See Tian Feng

Mathematics @ Newnham

Hi, I’m Tian Feng, your current welfare officer. If you have any problems or queries regarding anything, you’re welcome to drop me an email at any time. I’m always willing to listen and will definitely lend you a helping hand if possible. See you around! 🙂

Ho Gen Nen

Socials: HO GEN NEN
Medicine @ Robinson

Studying in Cambridge is a game in and of itself. While your main quest here is to study, you are also encouraged to take on other side quests, such as attending formal dinners. My job as the socials officer is to assist you in gaining as much experience (EXP) as possible through formals.

Nathaniel Jinho Clement


Law @ Corpus Christi

Allo!!!! I’m your Sponsorphip Officer, so I basically help the Treasurer raise funds and keep sponsors updated throughout the year. But you can call me Jinho. You know, I’m really glad that you’ve actually bothered to read this, so when we do meet at some CUMaS event or anywhere else, cite “BUGULU” and I’ll be very impressed!! =D

Tang Ji Jian

Logistics: TANG JI JIAN
Engineering @ Churchill

Hey there it is Ji Jian here! We hope to see you all at ALL CUMaS events! =)

Lee Kin Wai

Technical: LEE KIN WAI
Engineering @ Emmanuel

I am your Technical Officer, and I am responsible for maintaining the Society’s web presence as well as assisting the committee in various technology-related matters.

Do call me up if you want to play Settlers of Catan; don’t if you want me to reconfigure your remote access network settings.