CUMaSKini 25/11/2014: MNight Auditions, Stem Cell Donation, CUMaS – CUMSA Pub Night

25th November 2014 Dear all, Lectures end next week! And CUMaS is ending Michaelmas term with a blast through the CUMSA and CUMaS End-of-Term Pub Night! You can also sign up to donate your stem cells during a recruitment event the last Friday of term (this Friday!) To Freshers: Remember to fill the document below to indicate […]

CUMaSKini 20/11/2014: Nottingham Games Transportation, Shell Ideas 360, Online Judges Recruitment Watersprite 2015

20th November 2014 Dear all, Looking forward to holidays? Because it’s already week 7! That means two more weeks to the end of Michaelmas term and the start of Winter/Christmas break! Time flies! We hope you enjoyed the roller coaster ride of the first term of the year so far. Not a masochistic statement 😛 There […]

CUMaSKini 10/11/2014: Malaysian Food Festival 2014, Nottingham Games Update, LSE MVoice, Abacus Boat Party, MACFIS Nottingham

10th November 2014 Dear all, Week 5 blues? Missing Malaysian Food? Well The Malaysian Food Festival 2014 will be held this Saturday! Do sign up and invite your friends to come and enjoy our local delicacy! There are some updates on the Nottingham Games for those involved and as always, some news on other events going […]

CUMaSKini 31/10/2014: Shell Meet and Greet Session, Dino Swap 2014, CUCNY Charity Run, Reminders

31st October 2014 Good day everyone and congratulations for making it through half of Michaelmas! Here’s a CUMaSKini for fun and cheer *throws virtual confetti* Also note that this newsletter contains quite a number of reminders which include: the Malaysian Food Festival (I’m pretty sure you saw the nasi lemak photo on our Facebook page– […]

CUMaSKini 22/10/2014: iCUSU World Food Festival, Nottingham Games, Freshers Formal, Malaysia Food Festival (MFF), Mock Interview, Scintillate Talent Show, CUCOS Advertisement

22nd October 2014 Dear all, Tomorrow is week 3 already? Time flies! With so many upcoming events and updates, do take some time off and have a good read on what’s happening around Cambs: from food food food (MFF and IFF) to games, formals, talent shows,  interviews, and more! Yang berminum kopi, CUMaS Committee 2014/2015  iCUSU World […]

CUMaSKini 8/10/2014: Freshers Squash, CUMaS Facebook Group, [email protected] 2014 – Conference for National Scientific Engagement, Pilot Interview Survey, CUCOS Advertisement

8th October 2014 Good day everyone and welcome, freshers, to your first issue of CUMaSKini! We hope that everyone is all happy and settled before lectures officially start tomorrow. This newsletter contains a long list of announcements so let’s summarise it shall we? 🙂 The full details of CUMaS’ Freshers Squash and [email protected] 2014 – Conference for National […]

CUMaSKini 18/9/2014: Mock Interview, Melaka Outreach, Flights to UK, General Info

18th September 2014 Dear all, We hope everyone is enjoying what’s left of summer break! Now is the Cambridge application season, and this year, CUMaS is taking the initiative to conduct mock interviews for applicants who have secured an interview. Do fill up the survey below if interested to conduct a mock interview! Below are […]

CUMaSKini 30/8/2014: Outreach Malaysia Update, 20th Anniversary Dinner, Freshers Banquet, Ski Trip

30th August 2014 Dear all, We hope that everyone is enjoying their summer! While we still have a month to go before the next academic year, CUMaS is proud to announce a few events happening next month. First and foremost, we would like to update everyone on the current status of our ongoing CUMaS Outreach.  Now […]

CUMaSKini 2/8/2014: Outreach Malaysia, CUMaS Parents Form

2nd August 2014 Dear all, First of all, the CUMaS Outreach committee would like to thank everyone who came to the KL Outreach today. It was a huge success and we hope that the next few Outreach sessions in Johor and Penang would be the same as well! Also, there is a parents/marriage form for […]

CUMaSKini 2/7/2014: Outreach schedule, 20th Anniversary Dinner, CUMaS Plus Trip, Medicine in Malaysia Conference, Asia Leadership Conference and Camp 2014

2nd July 2014 Dear all, Congratulations to seniors who have graduated and happy summer to all! We have a few announcements regarding events that will be taking place this summer so do scroll down and take a look. The confirmed schedule for some CUMaS Outreach sessions are as below, hence please check whether you can […]

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