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13th March 2013

It’s the end of Lent, and the beginning of winter…

We hope you enjoyed the AGM at Newnham yesterday! We had a very fun Hustings, free food, and a little electorial drama (recount!) to spice up the meeting. Congratulations to the newly-elected committee for 2013/14! With the end of the AGM comes the end of the current committee’s reign of terror, so please support the incoming committee who, we are sure, will plan a fantastic year ahead for CUMaS!

Not to forget (this is a newsletter after all), our platinum sponsor Celcom is currently screening applications for their graduate programme. If you are interested, see below for more information.

Finally, with this comes the last issue of CUMaSKini by the 2012/13 Committee. We hope we’ve served CUMaS and you well, and we thank you for your support over the past year. Below you can find our goodbye messages to all of you. Thank you for making CUMaS a truly amazing society to work for!

Sekian, terima kasih.

Yang benar,
CUMaS Committee 2012/2013

1. CUMaS AGM Election Results

Thank you to everyone who attended and/or voted in the AGM! Here are the results:

  • The elected CUMaS Committee for 2013/14 is:

    President: CHIA Horng Sheng 
    Secretary: Irene KHOR
    Treasurer: Livia CHAN
    Publicity Officer: Marcus SIM
    Entertainment Officer: Samuel GOH
    Sports Officer: Ramaraj SUNDRARAJ
    Welfare Officer: LIM Tian Xi
    General Committee: GOH Kah Wei, Victor CHANG, LOO Han Rong 

Congratulations to all those elected! The very best of luck with your duties in the upcoming year. To everyone who voted in the AGM, thank you very much, and we are very sorry if the delay at the end caused any inconvenience!

2. [AXIATA] Axiata eXperiential Programme

The Axiata eXperiential Programme provides Malaysian graduates from leading universities across the world, the opportunity to be developed into future leaders of the company. You will undergo a structured 12 months holistic development programme that gives you the chance to learn and cultivate the right skills and attitude in the highly dynamic and innovative mobile communications industry.

Through this journey, you can share your experience with a strong network of fellow graduates through friendship and support, with the guidance and inspiration from a range of respectable leaders.As part of your development programme, you will be assigned to an existing talent within the field of your interest, to hone and maximise your true potential.

For more information, see the informational flyer at or visit

3. And One More Thing…

My life had been revolving around CUMaS, and it was my utmost honour to serve all of you. From organizing freshers camp, revamping the website to improving access for applicants, I am very happy with what CUMaS has achieved in the past year. I certainly could not have done so much without my committee backing me up, and I’d just like to say a final thank you.  

CUMaS exists to serve, and if you didn’t come for our events, you’re certainly missing out! However, it will never be the same… 

Anyway, all the best to the new committee! Like what Yi Jun says, just try your best to outdo us :p

 ~ Jasper Koid, President 2012/13


It is such an honour to serve as your secretary. The journey was bumpy, with highs and lows, and a whole lot of last minute tasks. But after all that whining, I must say that the experience was priceless. The smiles on your faces after eating all those food (since when CUMaS is separated from food events?!) kept me going. I hope CUMaS has made your year more tolerable and has provided to you as much as it did to me. The next committee members will continue our so-called legacy, and make CUMaS the best society in Cambridge (as if it isn’t already =P)!

~ Tay Huey Yuin, Secretary 2012/13


I found myself handing over with a mixture of joy, sadness and nostalgia already. In hindsight, I realized I had not fully appreciated what it meant to me to have been able to be a part of the CUMaS committee. Despite ticketing being (sometimes) a pain, serving this Cambridge family with some of the most wonderful people I’ve ever met will remain a journey I absolutely cherish. 

To the new comm, congratulations and all the best! Looking forward to more CUMaS activites to come, and trusting that in your hands its going to be another great year ahead 🙂 To the old comm – so much love. This isn’t goodbye, not for me at least. I may not have been the most amazing person to work with, but you guys have sure been the most amazing people I’ve worked with. 

~ Charmaine Tan, Treasurer 2012/13


What a year: Sending out e-mails, fiddling with online stuff, writing lists of things, chasing the committee for event details, Malaysian Night, Malaysian Night, Malaysian Night, doing countless small tasks at every event, and my favourite bit of all, writing the introductions for every single CUMaSKini issue. I’m going to miss this! To you, the dear reader, thank you for opening these e-mails! I hope I’ve done my job informing you about everything CUMaS-related. To the 2012/13 committee, you guys have been the best people I’ve ever worked with! Best of luck to the next committee!

For an accurate depiction of me, see:

Yang bersara,
~ Tan Jiann Meng, Publicity Officer 2012/13


All good things have to come to an end.

I am so honoured to be CuMas sports officer and be part of the committee. It had been a great fun all year round from Oxbridge Games, Notts Games to weekly football and badminton sessions. Thank you to all of you who made this committment a memorable one. Last but not least, All the best to the new committee! P/S new sports officer, when are we having the next football session? 😛

~ Amirul Hakim, Sports Officer 2012/13


To my beloved CUMaS members, I cannot believe it’s time to step down from my duties as Welfare Officer. Thank you so much for the abundant joy and great friendships & memories – you guys have really played an integral part of my three years here in Cambridge, and for that I’m truly grateful. TQ also for making my job as Welfare Officer 2012/2013 so enjoyable 🙂 But this isn’t a goodbye speech from me – I hope to continue to serve CUMaS unofficially (cook/bake-outs maybe?) [I still have 3 more years here, guys :p] together with my endless supply of lame jokes and bad puns :p

P/S: special thanks also goes to the CUMaS committee 2012/2013, I’ll defo miss working with you guys 🙂 and congrats, all the best to the incoming committee make us proud :))

~ Stephanie Poo, Welfare Officer 2012/13


Congratulations to the new committee members of CUMaS! You guys look so very promising and I’m sure you’ll do an impeccable job, but don’t beat yourself up over not being able to outdo us. 😉 We, the 2012-2013 committee, are just that amazing. It’s been such a pleasure working with you guys. From frantically rushing to put the finishing touches on events, to carefree nights out, it has been an amazing and lovely experience. Thank you so much for striving for CUMaS, for putting up with my antics, for being in the committee. I will miss working with you all dearly. And to all members, thank you for making CUMaS the society it is, let’s look forward to many more years of Malaysian-ness! 😀

~ Loh Yi Jun, Socials Officer 2012/13


That was a fun ride. It was an honour to be a part of this. Thank you to the committee for being all such fun people! And as outgoing Sponsorship Officer (very outgoing indeed) thank you very much to our sponsors for the funding. Look out for our sponsors’ career talks soon! And make sure you come! Any time now…

~ Hafiz Azman, Sponsorship Officer 2012/13


Even though I’m behind the scenes most, if not all, of the time, I truly embrace working in such a fulfilling society committee. From the massive website overhaul, to being Jiann Meng’s sidekick in publicising material through online media, to being the resident techie-geek in general, to ruining my sleep cycle semi-permanently with MNight… the smiles, laughter and joy that exude from you loyal CUMaS members at any of our events just make every ounce of effort so very worth it.

I am humbled to be able to work with such a talented and hard-working bunch of people that is our outgoing committee; I will seriously miss our work (and play) together. Never will I resent having been part of a group that makes university life a whole lot brighter for Malaysian students here. All the best to the newly elected committee; and long live CUMaS!

~ Tan Sien Yi, Technical Officer 2012/13


It was an interesting experience to be a single-crystal nickel superalloy high pressure 6th stage turbine blade in the massive operation of a RR Trent XWB-74 engine which was CUMaS. I would like to thank all the committee and members for thrusting me through various stages during the year: combusting (without reheat) Satay, a Nasi Lemak factory operation and producing MNight. You guys were like multipass air vents allowing me to keep my cool – a great thing in this high-heat environment we work in.

~ Lim Jia Wei, Logistics Officer 2012/13


I feel so blessed to have been roped into this dysfunctional family on the off chance. It has been such an honour to work with you all in the interest of the Malaysian community here in Cambridge. I don’t use the word ‘love’ very often unless you’re Sharapova or a plate of Malaysian food, but I honestly love you guys.

Good luck to the next CUMaS committee and here’s to improved undergrad-postgrad interaction.

~ Julian Tan, Graduate Representative 2012/13

CUMaSKini 13/03/2013: Hello, Goodbye!
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