CUMaSKini 1/3/2014: Manifesto Deadlines, AGM and Voter Registration, CUMaS MNight: May I Crash?, UKEC MNight Trailer Competition, TFM’s Thank You, CUCOS Annual Concert

CUMaSKini 1/3/2014: Manifesto Deadlines, AGM and Voter Registration, CUMaS MNight: May I Crash?, UKEC MNight Trailer Competition, TFM’s Thank You, CUCOS Annual Concert

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1st March 2014

What’s the scoop, mushroom-soup? 🙂

Just a quick reminder that the deadline for the CUMaS Committee Manifestos is this Sunday! Also, with just over one week till the AGM, don’t forget that voter registrations are up. Whether you’re voting in person or by proxy, you’ll need to sign-up so we know we’re meeting quorum (yay, quorum!)

MNight is also fast approaching, so get your tickets now! Catch the CUMaS production of the year (also our only production of the year). Join our mismatched group of unlikely heroes as they attempt the ball crash of the century!

And while we’re on the topic of MNight, our trailer’s been entered into the UKEC MNight Trailer Competition in the run for £1000! This is money that would go right back into our events for you, making them bigger, better and more subsidised! But to win, we’ll need everyone’s help! That’s right, we need you! So, please check below for more details.

Teach For Malaysia also sends their regards and has a little thank you message for the great questions you had for them at our Education talk.

The Cambridge University Chinese Orchestra Society Annual Concert is also tomorrow, so check below to get tickets!

Let’s have a good Week 7, everybody!


Yang minum sup cendawan,

CUMaS Committee 2013/2014 


 1. CUMaS Committee Manifesto Deadlines

We’re becoming old and obsolete! I hear there’s even a group of rag-tag freshers who are trying to steal our jobs! Those scoundrels! (not really, we love you)

Don’t forget to send in your lovely manifestos to Irene at by 11.59pm Sunday, 2nd March 2014. 

Recently decided you want to run for a position?  (clearly persuaded by my charming wit/lack thereof) You can still click here for details on how to apply!


 2. AGM and Voter Registration

A quick reminder that our AGM is on the 10th March 2014 (Monday)!

Time: 6pm – 10pm
Venue: Sidgwick Hall, Newnham College

Come join us for Hustings, and hear what your candidates have to say!

Also, voter registration is now open! Whether you’re voting in person or by proxy, make sure you register to cast your votes for your new committee! 

There will also be an Outgoing Committee Report and if a motion is submitted, an Open Debate.

To submit a motion, send Irene ( an email by the 2nd March!


 3. CUMaS MNight: May I Crash?

Poster final

Get your tickets now for a evening of deceit, drama, glitz and glamour! Promising action, dance and maybe a bit of romance, ‘May I Crash?’ is definitely not to be missed.

Get your friends down to Cambridge as well! All MNight tickets enter a prize raffle with 5 pairs of St. John’s Formal tickets up for grabs!

All visiting audience members from outside Cambridge are also invited to join our punt tours of the colleges on the day!

You know, just in case visiting you isn’t reason enough for you friends to come. (I would go all the way to Cambridge to visit you, just saying)

Now, enough dilly-dallying you silly-billy, get clicky-clicky!


Facebook Page:




4. UKEC MNight Trailer Competition – Let’s win £1000!

Alright everybody, listen up.

We’re up against Malaysian Socs that are far larger and greater in number than we are.

But this is no losing battle, far from it! In just two days our likes have soared from 150 to over 1000!

We can do this, but we need your help.

So please, if you’re reading this, head here and:
1) Using a computer (mobiles/iPads don’t work!), like the UKEC page (top right corner) to reveal the MNight Trailers
2) Like the CUMaS trailer! 
3) Get your friends and family to like our trailer too! Every single like gets us somewhere.

Target people back home, rather than just Malaysians in the UK who might have the common interest of winning.
Even if it’s just 5 friends a day, those 5 likes will make a difference.

We’re outnumbered, yes. But with a little brains (your brains are not little at all!) and some strategy, numbers alone don’t stand a chance.

After all, we’ve got Cambridge economists behind us, Nash equilibrating and game theorizing all the way.

 Gabriel is my idol. In Him I trust. 3,000 damn high, but confirm can

Plus, Samuel and I will jump into the Cam if we reach 1500 likes by Sunday morning!


5. Teach for Malaysia’s Thank You Message

A message from TFM:

Dear members of CUMaS,
Firstly, thank you for your hospitality and the very engaging questions posted to those of you who came to the session with Dzameer yesterday evening.
For those whom I did not get a chance to meet, you missed a great session. To introduce myself, I am Ken Ming. I work in talent Acquisition at Teach for Malaysia and am alumni of inaugural cohort of the Teach for Malaysia fellowship of which I taught English for two years in SMK Pulau Ketam, a school in a small fisherman village off the shores of port Klang. My biggest motivation to go into teaching wasn’t because other career paths aren’t rewarding, but rather I wanted to use my knowledge and skills to make a difference.
From the depth of questions we had in our session at Cambridge, I feel many of us are concerned with the education landscape of Malaysia. I challenge you to be part of the solution.
It was Margaret Mead who once said “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has”
With Teach for Malaysia, I am not offering you a career or a job. I am inviting you to join our movement of young leaders to create change and transformation in Malaysian education.
A Cambridge 2011 alumni, Brian Geh who joined the movement said “We have a problem, and the problem is educational inequity. We do not come with solutions, but we come with a challenge”
Here is a new video we released just 2 weeks ago:
Our next application deadline is the 10th of March 2014. For further information, visit or drop me an email. I would love to get in contact with you.



Loh Ken Ming

Talent Acquisition 

Teach For Malaysia

Level 27, Mercu UEM
Jalan Stesen Sentral 5
50470 Kuala Lumpur.


6. CUCOS Annual Concert

A message from the Cambridge University Chinese Orchestra Society (CUCOS):

CU Chinese Orchestra Society Annual Concert – Winding Reminiscence




The Cambridge University Chinese Orchestra Society (CUCOS) proudly
presents our annual concert in 2014 –Winding Reminiscence.


花好月圆 Full Moon, Gorgeous Flowers

台湾追想曲 Capriccio “Taiwan”

丰年祭 Harvest Celebration

斯卡布罗集市 Scarborough Fair

黄河钢琴协奏曲Yellow River Concerto

卧虎藏龙Crouching Tigher Concerto

It is a valuable opportunity for you to learn more about Chinese culture
and arts. It will also be a wonderful opportunity for you to relax or
find peace coming to the end of the term.

About CUCOS: CUCOS was founded in 2007 with the hope of giving a f
musical perspective to the community in the UK and sharing oriental
music. The Society consists of a Chinese Instrument Department (CID) and
a Western Instrument Department (WID). As the unique Chinese Orchestra
at Cambridge, we presented delightful performances at various events
including Chinese New Year ball, CSSA Gala and most importantly, our
annual concert.