CUMaSKini 14/11/2013: iCUSU World Food Festival, Malaysian Food Feast, Weekly Slot for Badminton Courts, ASAP Black-Tie Poker Night

CUMaSKini 14/11/2013: iCUSU World Food Festival, Malaysian Food Feast, Weekly Slot for Badminton Courts, ASAP Black-Tie Poker Night

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14th November 2013

Hello you beautiful human, you!
With this lovely Thursday morning marking the end of dreaded Week 5, I hope everyone’s feeling a little less blue and a little more coo-coo-ca-choo.

If any of you are still feeling the Week 5 Blues, though, we have just the thing for you!

Kicking off on the 23rd November is the iCUSU World Food Festival (WFF) which promises delectable nom-noms from all over the world. Pre-sale tickets go live soon, details below!

And just because there’s no such thing as too much good food, just a week after the WFF is our very own 2013 Malaysian Food Feast (MFF)! Tickets are on sale now, so scroll down for more details. We also require your assistance in the form of your rice-cookers, chopping boards and knives! They will be put to good use in feeding you, we promise!

CUMaS also now has a weekly slot for the Badminton Court at John’s Fisher Building every Monday, 4-6pm, in case there really is such a thing as too much food (there isn’t).

Oh and Animal Aid and Save Planet Society  (ASAP) is holding a Black-Tie Poker Night on the 16th November. Sign-up links below!

Have a good and fulfilling (or just filling) November!


Yang lapar,

CUMaS Committee 2013/2014



1. iCUSU World Food Festival (WFF)

A little message from our friends in blue hoodies at iCUSU:

The annual iCUSU World Food Festival is back with more food, a bigger venue and PERFORMANCES!

Date: 23rd November 2013 ( Saturday)
Venue: St Andrew’s Street Baptist Church
Time: 18.00-19.00, 19.00-20.00, 20.00-21.00

This is a bazaar-style event where Cambridge International Societies prepare their local cuisine for everyone to enjoy!

Come and taste all the delicious international food in one night while meeting up with your fellow international friends. You also get the chance to watch some amazing international performances! Definitely something not to be missed if you missed the International Freshers’ Week.

Due to the high demand last year, pre-sale tickets are going on sale THIS SATURDAY and SUNDAY (16th and 17th of November) from 11am-5pm at Costa Coffee, Sidney Street. Come and get a ticket from the committee for free and priority entrance! We are expecting tickets to sell out fast so do come early to avoid disappointment.

Join us for an amazing food night!

Facebook Event:

Also, catch our CUMaS stall there as we serve up some tasty Malaysian nibbles!

2. CUMaS 2013 Malaysian Food Feast (MFF)

Day/Date: Saturday, 30th November

Venue:  The Centre at St. Paul’s, Hills Road

Price:  £8 (CUMaS member), £11 (CUMSA member), £13 (Non-members)


If our stall at the WFF was not enough to appease that insatiable Malaysian-food-eating monster that lives within you, head to our Malaysian Food Feast on the 30th November for more!

And as if ‘more’ wasn’t already informative enough, here’s a menu:

1. Nasi Lemak (Fragrant rice steamed with coconut milk, eaten with fried anchovies, peanuts and a chili-based sauce “Sambal”)

2. Rendang Chicken (Malaysian chicken curry cooked with lemongrass, coriander and roasted coconut flavoured with kaffir lime leaves)

3. Paratha (Warm Indian flatbread—buttery soft on the inside)

4. Mee Mamak (Egg noodles with stir-fried chicken slices, beansprouts and scrambled eggs in a chilli and tomato sauce)

5. Herbal Egg (Eggs steeped for hours in herbal tea, with a unique marbled pattern)

6. Vegetarian Samosa (Triangle parcels filled with spiced potatoes, diced carrots and peas served with a yogurt dip)

7. Penang Rojak (Local salad tossed in a bowl with sweet/sour/spicy shrimp paste dressing topped with chopped peanuts)

8. Onde-Onde (Traditional Malaysian delight filled with palm sugar and rolled in grated coconut)

9. Red bean and black glutinous rice dessert (A classic combination of black glutinous rice, red beans and sago slow-cooked to extract maximum flavour)

10. Teh Tarik “pulled tea” (English breakfast tea with condensed milk, poured back and forth from a height to give it a delicious frothy top)

11. Sirap Bandung (Ice-cold rose syrup with a hint of milk, stirred, not shaken) 


Facebook event:

Sign-up sheet (for tickets):

Payment Method (Bank Transfer):
Sort code: 40-16-08
Account number: 12549263

Also, we’re looking for rice-cookers, chopping boards and knives!

3. Weekly Slot for Badminton Courts

Feeling a little guilty about eating that all that rendang? (lol no.) 

Well, head down to play a some Badminton. Or keep eating rendang. Or do both. Just don’t get any on the courts.

Day: Mondays

Time: 4-6pm

Venue: Fisher Building, St. John’s College

4. ASAP Black-Tie Poker Night

Date: 16th November, Saturday

Time: 6.30-11.30pm

Venue: Murray Edwards College, Dome

Dress Code: Black Tie

Price: £15 for general admission. £10 initial buy-in for poker

Sign-Up: (
A message from ASAP:

Hi everyone,
1. We are pleased to welcome you to the Animal Aid and Save Planet
(ASAP) Society! As many of you have already known, ASAP was set up in
2010 to help raise awareness and take initiatives against activities
such as bear billing. To welcome our new members and foster stronger
ties with other societies in Cambridge University, ASAP is organising an
exciting Poker Night on this coming mid November. There will be other
amazing games such as blackjack and roulette at the Poker Night as well.

2. The details for poker night are as follow:
a) Venue: Murray Edwards, Dome.
b) Time: 16 Nov, 6:30 pm. to 11:30 pm
c) Dress Code: Black Tie.
d) Ticket price: £15 for general admission. £10 initial buy-in for poker
e) Registration and Ticketing
f) Games available: Poker, blackjack and roulette.
h) Snacks and drinks are available.

3. Rules for Poker Night:
a) For poker tournament, there is limited availability; therefore,
please book in advance via the registration link above.
b) Standard Texas Hold’em tournament rules with the following
c) Option to play as an individual or as a representative of a society
(For competitive players – non casual group players only).
d) Sitting arrangement is predetermined.
e) Changing of seats is prohibited.
f) Blinds will be doubled after each round.
g) Players who have exhausted their funds can buy-in again at 9 pm.
h) Preliminary round ends at 10 pm.
i) Grand Final starts at 10 pm. Only winners from each table will
participate in this round.

Casual poker, blackjack and roulette
a) Standard Texas Hold’em, blackjack and roulette rules apply.
b) Winners from casual groups (blackjack and roulette) will be given

4. There will be an exclusive after-party event for our ticket holders
at one of the most popular clubs in Cambridge.

5. In addition, those who have trouble their Heronshaw CDs from our
Fresher’s Fair donation drive can bring along their faulty CDs for an

6. Please feel free to email as at ASAP society should you have any

Have a great weekend!