CUMaSKini 17/2/2014: Lent Formal, CUMaS Plus! Formal, MNight Event Page and Trailer, CUMaS Speaker Series, CUMaS Committee Elections, UCL MNight

CUMaSKini 17/2/2014: Lent Formal, CUMaS Plus! Formal, MNight Event Page and Trailer, CUMaS Speaker Series, CUMaS Committee Elections, UCL MNight

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17th February 2014

It is about 4am as I begin this CUMaSKini. The world is a deathly quiet, save for the soft whirring of my heater and the clacking of my keys as I type this. The dim glow of my screen spills onto my desk like artificial moonlight, white and pallid. Reaching out for my mug, I cup the warmth in my hands and bring it to my lips, the taste of burnt coffee filling my mouth. I set it down and check my watch, questioning the insanity that are 9AM lectures. Further questions include “how long have I been asleep at my table?”, why is there a Haribo on my face?” and “hmm, do I eat it?”

Welcome to Week 5.

But hey, it’s not that bad (yes it is), because look, formals!

Registrations for the Lent Formal have opened on the Facebook CUMaS page. If you’re not already a member of the group, please do join it for more live updates on CUMaS happenings so you don’t miss out! Spaces are very limited, so sign-up quickly and make the payment to avoid disappointment (Treasurer Livia’s disappointment in your failure to pay her, that is).

We are also having our very first CUMaS Plus Formal for the grads who need a little break from Week 5. Again, spaces are limited so get on these metaphorical hotcakes now! 

Also, our MNight Event Page and Trailer has just gone live on Facebook so check that out and invite your friends! We also have a cover photo that’s the bee’s knees, so feel free to emblazon your Facebook profile with that.

Our Speaker Series will also kick off this week with Mr. Dzameer Dzulkifli, Teach For Malaysia CEO tomorrow, and  Mr. Tan Thiam Hock, founder of the international cosmetics brand SilkyGirl on Friday. Catch these two highly successful Malaysians as they share their experiences in their fields.

We would also like to emphasise the recent amendment in the details for the CUMaS Committee Elections. For clarification see below!

Further away, our friends at UCL MSoc are having their MNight: The Lost Prince next week. I hear it’s almost as good as the Cambridge one. Get your tickets and check out their trailer below!

Anyway, that’s all for now, hope everybody is keeping well and had a good Valentine’s and Chap Goh Mei 🙂

Week 5? Pfft, no problem.


Yang selalu sibuk,

CUMaS Committee 2013/2014 

 1. Lent Formal

Facebook Event:

Sign-Up and Payment:

Date: Thursday, 27th February

Time: 7.00pm

Venue: Lucy Cavendish

Price: £13.00 (CUMaS), £15.00 (CUMSA), £16.15 (others) Please remember that confirmation of a space can only be given upon payment. Also, do join the CUMaS Facebook group here if you haven’t already done so!


 2. CUMaS Plus Formal

Hello, our lovely grads, I hope you have been well!

Taking place at St. John’s, join us for our first ever CUMaS Plus Formal! Limited spaces available so sign up and pay now! Confirmation of space only available upon payment.


Sign-Up and Payment:

Date: Wednesday, 12th March

Time: 7.00pm

Venue: St. John’s College

Dress code: Gown (with clothes underneath as well)



CUMaS members – £8.15 (with wine), £4.62 (without wine)

Non-members – £11.15 (with wine), £7.62 (without wine)

St. John’s and CUMaS member – £6.15 (with wine), £2.62 (without wine)


Also, be sure to join the CUMaS Plus! group of Facebook here to keep on the ball with everything CUMaS and grad related 🙂


3. MNight Event Page and Trailer

Poster final

Check out our event page and trailer for the CUMaS MNight 2014 and spread the word! Feel free to share the cover photo or even use it to get the word out 🙂


Facebook Event:






4. CUMaS Speaker Series

Come listen to these successful Malaysians and engage in honest, unabashed conversation about issues back home.

Also, there will be biscuits.


I. Education
Our first speaker is Mr. Dzameer Dzulkifli, Teach For Malaysia CEO, who will be speaking on the topic of Education in Malaysia.

Facebook event:

Date: Tuesday, 18th February
Time: 5-6 pm
Venue: Munby Room, King’s College


II. Entrepreneurship

The second speaker is Mr. Tan Thiam Hock, founder of the international cosmetics brand SilkyGirl. He will be sharing about ‘Entrepreneurship in Malaysia in the face of increasing government intervention’.

Facebook event:
Date: Friday, 21st February
Time: 4-5.30 pm
Venue: Harrods Room, Emmanuel College


5. CUMaS Committee Elections – Slight Amendment

There has been a slight amendment in the AGM/Election procedure due to a mistake on our part. We’re sorry about that!

This has already been announced on the Facebook group, but to emphasise:

ONLY THREE (and not six) general committee positions are up for running, although the newly elected President will have the right to appoint up to 4 committee members after consulting the executive committee.

Click here for the amended Election Details! AGM details otherwise remain the same:

Date: 10th March 2014 (Monday)
Time: 6pm – 10pm
Venue: Sidgwick Hall, Newnham College


6. UCL MNight: The Lost Prince

A short message from UCL MSoc:

People who are interested can bank into this account and we’ll reserve your tickets and give them to you on the show day itself. Name: Ye Huan Khor Acc: 51482726 Sort code: 40-03-00 Reference: MNight 2014 After you’ve banked in, please fill in your name so we’ll have a record

Date: Wednesday, 26th February

Price:  £8


Facebook Event: