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16th October 2012

Another week, another CUMaSKini!

The Freshers’ Formal is happening today! Hopefully you’ve received your confirmation e-mail for this sold out event. Next up is the Nottingham Malaysian Games, in mid-November. It’s the biggest Malaysian sporting event of the year, so if you’re interested in representing Cambridge, do sign up below! And finally, the Vietnamese Society is holding a Vietnamese Food Festival at the end of October. Between all the food festivals coming up in Michaelmas, it’s probably a good idea to join some sports training for the Notts Games to burn off those calories 😉

Yang tidak berehat,
CUMaS Committee 2012/13

  1. Freshers’ Formal Confirmation
  2. Nottingham Malaysian Games Sign-Up
  3. Vietnamese Food Festival
  • Ongoing: Malaysian Food Feast Volunteers, CUMaS Online Jumble Sale

1. Freshers’ Formal Confirmation

As with all food-related events, we have unfortunately run out of spaces in the Freshers’ Formal.

Confirmation e-mails have been sent out to those whose places are confirmed. If you have yet to receive the confirmation e-mail and have already paid, please e-mail Charmaine at

2. Nottingham Malaysian Games Sign-Up

It’s that time of the year again! The Nottingham Malaysian Games is the largest Malaysian sporting event in the UK. As usual CUMaS will be sending as many teams as we have players for, and as many supporters as we can squeeze into a coach. The Notts Games will be held on 10/11/2012 from 0730-1900.

If you are interested, please sign up for a sport by filling in the document located at Note you have to be a member of the CUMaS Sports Group 2012/2013 to edit the form. Each player can only play one sport. First come, first serve basis. Please sign up quickly as we have to register the teams before Saturday, 20 October.

For cases in which there are categories (singles, doubles etc), please put your name under the respective category. CUMaS will be paying for all registration fees and subsidise your transport fees if you are playing for CUMaS. Supporters are welcomed too (please fill in the document as well)! The rules and regulations of each sport is located at If in doubt, feel free to contact Amirul ( Thanks!

The available sports are:

Conventional Sports

5-a-side Football
Mixed Volleyball
Men’s basketball
Men’s Table Tennis
Women’s Table Tennis

Indoor Sports

Lightning Chess
Lightning snooker

Traditional Sports

Batu Seremban
Dam Haji/Checkers

3. Vietnamese Food Festival

The Vietnamese Society in Cambridge would like to invite you to our biggest event of the year: Charming Vietnam – A Vietnamese Food Festival. You will not only have a chance to try a 10-course-menu, but also to play some traditional games, all for £8 only! If you reserve your ticket, you will receive a 13% discount! Tokens are also available to buy individual dishes.

Date & Time: 12pm, 27th October 2012
Location: St Andrew’s Street Baptist Church, 43 St Andrew’s Street, CB2 3AR (near Emmanuel College and Parker’s Piece)

  • At the door: £2 games alone, £7 food alone, £8 for all
  • If reserved: £2 games alone, £6 food alone, £7 for all

Payment method: You can either buy your ticket at the door or reserve here
The Facebook event:
If you have any queries, please drop us an email at


1. Salad with Shredded Beef Jerky
2. Soft Vermicelli Summer Roll

Main courses
3. Sticky rice with Braised Pork and Egg or with Sesame and salt
4. Pho (Noodle soup)
5. Nem (Spring rolls)

6. Sesame-sprinkled Caramel Candy
7. Green Been Pudding with Lotus Seeds
8. Green Bean Cake
9. Banh Troi (this cake is made of bits of brown sugar wrapped in glutinous rice paste)

10. Vietnamese Iced Coffee

1. Marble-picking Challenge (Prizes awaiting)
2. Conical Hat painting (Finished products are yours)
3. Trying Bamboo Dance yourself (We have recently added this activity to our event, that’s why it’s not displayed in our earlier adverts, I am sorry for any confusions)
4. Vietnamese traditional clothes Try-on (Free of charge)


A. Malaysian Food Feast Volunteers

We’re proud to announce we’ll have the Malaysian Food Feast on the 18th of November! We’ll send more details on this in the future. However, we do need volunteers to help with the cooking, transporting food and serving on the day itself.

If you would like help volunteer for the event, please register here: will be a fun opportunity to cook Malaysian food, meet new people, have loads and loads of fun, and wash dishes! As a bonus, you get to eat for free 🙂 More details will be sent to volunteers closer to the event.

B. CUMaS Online Jumble Sale

Too many things? Are you finding ways to get rid of your belongings/pass them on? Well, here’s your chance! The long awaited CUMaS "Online" Jumble Sale 2012 is now on! This is a great opportunity to sell anything* you have but do not really want! (*in good condition) Leavers, you might want to make full use of this opportunity to get rid of some belongings piling over the years.

So here’s how it works:

  • Interested sellers, please sign up and register your items at These items will be updated in this spreadsheet:
  • Interested buyers, you will be able to view the updated version of the spreadsheet here: You are to contact the sellers directly via the contact details provided. CUMaS only acts a platform to bring interested sellers and buyers together.

The rest is self explanatory. But if you do have any queries, feel free to contact our Welfare Officer, Stephanie, at


CUMaSKini 16/10/12: Nottingham Malaysian Games, Vietnamese Food Festival