CUMaSKini 16/1/2014: CUMaS Varsity Jackets, Asia Business Forum 2014, Oxford Merdeka Scholarships

CUMaSKini 16/1/2014: CUMaS Varsity Jackets, Asia Business Forum 2014, Oxford Merdeka Scholarships

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16th January 2014

Happy 2014, you lovely person you! Welcome back to term!

Gosh, look at you. Are you… taller? New hair cut, maybe? You seem different. Excited. Confident. Happier?  That New Year’s Resolution is looking really good on you. Or maybe your mocks have just finished. Or maybe you met Russell Brand. Or maybe it’s just the joy of reading this CUMaSKin- okay fine so it’s Russell Brand.

Whatever. I don’t care.

(I totally care)

So, what’s it been… like 1 month 15 days 15 hours 1 minute and 35 seconds since our last little chat?

You’re way overdue.
Let’s get this party started.

First off, get all stashed up with CUMaS 2014 Varsity Jackets. Now with twice the varsity! Fill in your orders below!

Also, Asia Club’s flagship event, Asia Business Forum 2014 kicks off tomorrow. Get your tickets now if you’re interested!

And for anyone looking to do a post-graduate course at Oxford, deadlines are approaching for Merdeka Scholarships!

Let’s have a good term everybody!


Yang berjaket biru,

CUMaS Committee 2013/2014

1. CUMaS 2014 Varsity Jackets

Ever wish your life was more exciting? You should get a varsity jacket.
Tired of your supervisor just not getting you? You should get a varsity jacket!
Can’t stand your socks never matching? You’ve guessed it, varsity jacket.

Varsity Jackets, the solution to all your problems okay not really. But hey they look cool.

Introducing the CUMaS 2014 Limited Edition Varsity Jackets. Now in navy-blue!

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Whether you’re a fresher or a Dino, stay warm this winter with your very own CUMaS jacket. Get yours today!


2. Asia Business Forum 2014

Happy new year! We are only a day away from Asia Club’s flagship event, Asia Business Forum 2014!

Date: Friday 17 January
Time: 1.30pm – 6.30pm
Venue: 27 Sussex Place, London NW1 4RG

In addition to our keynote speakers, we hope that you can join us and meet our featured guest speakers, Alain Chang – Managing Director at Fosun International, and Benjamin Koellmann – Managing Director at Lazada Indonesia as they tackle business and globalisation issues in the Asian region. We will also appreciate if you can invite members of your society to benefit from this event.

Full details of the event as well as tickets can be obtained on our website:

We look forward to seeing you at the event!


Janice Siew | MiM 2014
Asia Club
London Business School | Regent’s Park | London NW1 4SA | United Kingdom
Mobile +44 (0)7796 496 929 | Email:



3. Oxford Merdeka Scholarships

The Khazanah-Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies Merdeka Scholarships, established to mark the 50th anniversary of Malaysia’s independence, are intended to enable outstanding Malaysian students to undertake postgraduate study at the University of Oxford.

Subject areas may be drawn from a range of fields, including business, engineering and science. Candidates are required to demonstrate a high level of academic achievement and show how their study will make a contribution to the future needs of Malaysia. More information on the programme can be found here.

Awards will include University and College fees, accommodation and subsistence allowances, and return air fares. Awards are renewable annually through the duration of the programme of study. Full details of how to apply can be found here. Please check our website for regular updates.

Please address all correspondence to:

The Academic Administrator,
Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies, 
George Street, 
Oxford OX1 2AR,

UK Tel: +44 1865 278730 
Fax: +44 1865 248942 

Please note that the deadline for applications is 28 January 2014.

Daniel Deasy

Academic Administrator
Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies, George Street, Oxford OX1 2AR
Tel: +44 1865 278738; Fax: +44 1865 248942