CUMaSKini 18/4/2014: Oxbridge Games, Outreach Volunteer Form, MNight Trailer, Cross-Cultural Management Survey

CUMaSKini 18/4/2014: Oxbridge Games, Outreach Volunteer Form, MNight Trailer, Cross-Cultural Management Survey

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18th April 2014

Dear all,

Greetings! We hope you have a very productive Easter break, because next week is the start of term! *yay*

*cough did I just mentally say ‘yay’? cough*

There are loads of announcements, namely the Oxbridge Games! We also have an Outreach volunteer form for interested participants to complete. The outreach form is mainly for registration of interest that will also facilitate the coordination of this summer’s Outreach in Malaysia.

On the side note, CUMaS is very proud to announce that we have won this year’s UKEC trailer competition! Your likes and Facebook spamming have made us 1000 pounds richer! *BIG YAY*

*cough YEP I SAID YAY cough*

Last but not the least, there is a cross-cultural management survey at the bottom of this newsletter. It would be great if you participate in it. 🙂

Yang selalu minum kopi,

CUMaS Committee 2014/2015

PS – Come join the Oxbridge Games if you want to meet Joffrey Baratheon and Sergio Ramos live in action– representing CUMaS!

 1. Oxbridge Games 2014

Oxbridge Games is back! To join the game, please fill up this form in the CUMaS Facebook group:

Time: 4th of May (itinerary as attached)

Place: University Sport Centre in West Cambridge (map as attached)


1) Captain Ball: (Minimum 3 girls at all time) 8 Players (including 3 reserves)

2) Scrabble and Table Tennis: 1 Men and 1 Women single player, 1 Scrabble player (No gender requirement)

3) Men’s Basketball: 8 Players (including 3 reserves)

4) Women’s Netball: 12 Players (including 5 reserves) 5) Men’s Indoor 5V5 Football: 8 Players (including 3 reserves)

6) Indoor Frisbee 5V5: (Minimum 2 girls at all time) 9 Players (including 4 reserves)

7) Badminton: 1 Men and Women’s Single, 1 PAIR of Men, Women and Mixed Double 8 Players in total (No reserve) Any injury or pull out from any team will result in walkover.

See you there!

PS – Come join us if you want to meet Joffrey Baratheon and Sergio Ramos live in action– and representing CUMaS!

 2. CUMaS Outreach 2014 Volunteer Form

Please fill up this form to help us coordinate Outreach 2014 more effectively! We would also like to have more information on your home-town / address in Malaysia so that we can arrange outreach events closer to you for your convenience!

Note: This is not the official volunteer registration. It is just a survey for us to accommodate everyone’s availability 

 3. UKEC MNight Trailer Competition – WE WON £1000!

Remember this?

 “Gabriel is my idol. In Him I trust. 3,000 damn high, but confirm can”

Samuel and Marcus will jump into the Cam if we reach 1500 likes by Sunday morning!”

We are proud to announce that Cambridge University Malaysian Society (CUMaS) WON the inaugural Malaysian Night Trailer Competition with an amount of 4002 likes and also Warwick Malaysian Student Association for being the runner up with 1973 likes.


this stint “Samuel and Marcus Jumps into River Cam” was not in vain.

Since then we’ve soared to an overwhelming 4002 likes! We know you all love Marcus and Sam :’)

Now that we have also officially hit 4002 likes, Varun Nadkarni et al with be cross-dressing for a day to lectures/supervisions/King’s Parade, the whole deal. Catch Varun getting in touch with his feminine side, only here at Cambridge! For CUMaS <3 

 4. Cross-Cultural Management Survey

A message to CUMaS members:


I am Young-Jin Hur, a postgraduate student from the London School of Economics (LSE). Currently my supervisor and I are running a project in the area of cross-cultural management. We aim to, for the first time in the field, compare bilingual/bicultural individuals from an extensive range of cultures in a single study. Given the current interest in multiculturalism and multilingualism in the UK, the results will provide huge insights into the field of cross- cultural management, psychology, and policy making. Understandably, our research requires a large number of bilingual/bicultural as well as monolingual/monocultural participants living in the UK. We would therefore like to ask for your benevolent support to take part in our survey (through the link above). Feel free to send me a mail to: Thank you very much.

Link to survey:

Kind regards,

Young-Jin Hur