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20th August 2015

Dear CUMaS,

Summer’s closer to being over than not… Hope you’re all enjoying yourselves! Anyway, a few CUMaS events are coming up, more details on them can be found below. We look forward to welcoming you back to Cambridge along with our incoming freshers in Michaelmas 2015!

Yang selalu bersemangat,

CUMaS Committee 2015/2016 

 1. CUMaS Outreach

We’re about half done with our Outreach program, with a few more to go! Hopefully we managed to convince more people to apply next year(yay to CUMaS grandkids!) and didn’t scare them too much… The remaining Outreaches are as follows:

Outreach Melaka KYS: 22nd August, Saturday
Outreach Johor Sunway Uni: 23rd August, Sunday
Outreach Penang Inti College: 29th August, Saturday

Please let one of the committee members know if you’d like to come along!

 2. Alumni Dinner

Interlace 2015 is Cambridge University Malaysia Society’s annual alumni dinner whereby all alumni and current students are invited to come and network. Besides, there will be an invaluable session for the alumni to act as mentors and share some experience and opportunities with the still-studying Cambridge Malaysian students based on each individual’s area of interest.

Alumni are welcome to bring your spouse along to the event. The details of the event are as follows:-
Date : 6th September 2015 (Sunday)
Time : 6.00pm-10.00pm
Setting : Banquet hall
Location : Within greater Kuala Lumpur
Meal type : International buffet (halal)
Attire : Formal
Price : RM120 for alumni
RM60 for current student
The venue is to be confirmed and will be announced as soon as possible.

To indicate your attendance and reserve your seat, please fill in this form:
A confirmation email will be sent to you, accompanied by the payment methods.
Note that it is free seating except during the Mentoring session whereby a seating plan will be arranged.

 3. Freshers’ Camp and Banquet

The Freshers’ Camp will be held on 12-13 September this year, and the Freshers’ Banquet will be held on the night of the 13th. Sign up for them if you’re interested in meeting up with the freshers! Do note that accommodation for us seniors will not be guaranteed, as our main priority will be ensuring that the freshers have a roof over their heads.

Sign-up Forms:

Freshers’ Camp

Freshers’ Banquet

4. MMI University Ambassador Recruitment

Dear medics,

MMI UK has an announcement that may interest you, it is copied below for your perusal.


Attention all Malaysian medical students!

MMI UK is now recruiting university ambassadors for the 2015/16 term.

The newly selected council is now ready to go full steam ahead with the execution of their fresh ideas! However, for this to succeed, we need bright and motivated individuals to serve as the bridge between the council and the students and also to help in the organisation of events. Here is where the university ambassadors come in. Will you be YOUR medical school’s representative?

Please browse through the Facebook album using this link for more information:

Online application form:

CUMaSKini 20/08/2015: CUMaS Outreach, Alumni Dinner, Freshers’ Camp and Banquet, MMI University Ambassador Recruitment