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4rd March 2014

What’s the word, hummingbird?

Me again.

I know, I know, I’m sick of me too. But look, I come bearing thee news!  Much news!

First off, presenting the Candidate Manifestos for the AGM 2014! Come watch your candidates fight to the death politely discuss their vision and capabilities as they vie for your love and support at our AGM next Monday. Also, don’t forget to sign up on the Voter Registration Form prior to the AGM.

With less than a week until MNight, don’t forget to purchase your tickets now before they all sell out! All tickets enter a raffle for free St. John’s formals!

In addition, we’re are in the Final 12 hours of the UKEC MNight Trailer Competition. So far, the support we’ve been receiving from all of you has been incredible! But we’re not calling it quits just yet. We still need a little push to achieve our goal of 5000 likes, so get sharing and liking! We promise you there will be a couple pleasant surprises along the way 😉

This video of us taking to the Cam like the majestic creatures we are, for example.


Yang sejuk,

CUMaS Committee 2013/2014 


 1. Candidate Manifestos + Voter Registration

Behold your tributes!
(* denotes a 2nd choice)

Haris Bin Abdul Halim
Celine Wan
Lauren Ong

Ziqing Liew
Kaif Hilman

Hui Xuin Chua

Celine Wan*

Ziqing Liew*

Kaif Hilman*

Jia Rui Chow
Chern Juin Ong

General Committee:
Ray Aun Fan
Zhi Hao Kok
Varun Nadkarni
Sher Lin Wong
Khoon Keng Teh
Watch them at Hustings at our AGM next Monday! And don’t forget to register as a voter here!
For more details about Hustings and the AGM go here instead.

Date: Monday, 10th March 2014
Time: 6-10PM
Venue: Sidgwick Hall, Newnham College

 2. MNight Tickets

Poster final

Tickets are going really quickly, so get yours today if you haven’t already!
Stand the chance to win free St. John’s formal tickets as every MNight ticket enters our prize raffle!

Facebook Page:



 3. Final 12 Hours of the UKEC MNight Trailer Competition

In just a few days, we’ve gone from being the total underdog with only 150 likes to the incredible 3600 that we have right now. That is unbelievable.

But it’s not over, with just under 12 hours left until our trailer gets taken down, we’re going to need as much distance as we can.

The aim is 5000 likes, and we’re going to need everybody’s help.

Let’s show everybody what us underdogs can do!


CUMaSKini 4/3/2014: Candidate Manifestos & Voter Registration, MNight Tickets, Final 12 Hours of the UKEC MNight Trailer Competition
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