CUMaSKini Michaelmas 2020 – Week 4

CUMaSKini Michaelmas 2020 – Week 4


Time really does fly 🕰. Week 4 is coming and soon week 5 (along with week 5 blues and my crushing workload and unwatched lectures). Online lectures are great (for me to procrastinate) but I really miss social activities.

That’s why CUMaS is working very hard to put out all these events for everyone! (cheesy publicity officer at work)

  • #RakyatRabu2
  • Malaysian Food Festival 2020
  • MNight film-makers (and more) needed!


Following the amazing #RakyatRabu event about Environmental Sustainability in Malaysia, we are proud to announce #RakyatRabu2 next week (4 Nov 2020) from 1pm to 2pm on Zoom!

This time, we’ll talk about a JUICY 🍹 topic: Politics in Malaysia! We’ve prepared some spicy 🌶 questions for our speaker: Tony Pua, member of parliament for Damansara.

The event will be exclusively for CUMaS members only. Registration is required.

Malaysian Food Festival 2020

Due to COVID-19, the Malaysian Food Festival (MFF) can no longer take place as usual 🙁 However, we would still love to see everyone enjoy the MFF season somehow, so CUMaS have decided to collaborate with the following Asian food stalls to bring you some Malaysian food at a discounted price! ✨

You may collect the food and drinks from the respective stalls on 25/11/2020 and meet up with your fellow Malaysians somewhere if you’d like (a picnic maybe!), but please be sure to follow the UK government guidelines as well as your college rules. If you don’t feel comfortable doing that, you can still enjoy a cheap, tasty Malaysian meal in the comfort of your own room!

Date: 25/11/2020 (Wed)
Food collection time: 11am – 4pm
Food collection venue: Market Square (nasi lemak @ Azuma’s stall, bubble tea & pastry @ Granny Ma’s stall)
Price: £8 (CUMaS members)
£11.50 (non-CUMaS members)

Please submit your order & pay via bank transfer by 10/11/2020 (Tuesday) ⚠️⚠️

Bank details 💵:
Cambridge University Malaysia Society
Bank Sort Code: 40-16-08
Account Number: 1254 9263
Reference: Your CRSID

Feel free to contact Loong on Whatsapp (+447594862794) if you have any questions.

MNight film-makers (and more) needed!

Hi everyone! Thank you so much to those who’ve already filled in the form to help out with MNight – but we still need a few more people!
To those of you who might not know, MNight is a celebration of Malaysian culture which many Malaysian societies in the UK hold every spring, normally with a live play written, directed and performed by students.
This year, the format will be a little different but even more exciting since we are making a film. As this is quite a large project, we need people to help out with filming, directing, editing, soundtrack and much more. This is a great opportunity to try something completely new as you will be able to attend workshops on all the skills necessary for film production. Moreover, if you have other skills, like managing logistics or finance, we need that too!
So go and check out this form for further details and to sign up…
If you have any questions just email me @CUMaS Entertainment Officer! I look forward to hearing from you soon 😄

Aldric Goh
CUMaS Publicity Officer 20/21