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CUMaSKini Michaelmas 2020 – Week 8

TUESDAY β€“ NOVEMBER 24 2020 Hi everyone, this is a rather lengthy CUMaSKini, with tons of internship opportunities from our sponsors, so make sure you check them out to see if you qualify or are interested in applying! Be aware of the deadlines! #RakyatRabu4 – MUSIC Khazanah Nasional Berhad Recruitment Shopee Malaysia Global Leaders Program (GLP) 2021…
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CUMaSKini Michaelmas 2020 – Week 7

TUESDAY β€“ NOVEMBER 17 2020 #RakyatRabu3 – HOLLYWOOD NOTE THE CHANGE IN TIME Hello all! Probably the most important thing in this CUMaSKini is our #RakyatRabu3 has a few changes:  The time of the talk will be from 7pm to 8pm on Facebook Live tomorrow (17 Nov 2020) It’ll be available for EVERYONE! So make sure…
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CUMaSKini Michaelmas 2020 – Week 6

TUESDAY β€“ NOVEMBER 10 2020 Getting a little demotivated to work recently πŸ˜ͺ, anyone have any recommendations to motivate yourself to study? πŸ€“ #RakyatRabu3 – HOLLYWOOD #RakyatRabu3 – HOLLYWOOD #RakyatRabu continues with our next star guest, Adele Lim! She’ll be sharing her experience in the glamorous Hollywood as a Southeast Asian with us on: 18 November…
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CUMaSKini Michaelmas 2020 – Week 5

TUESDAY – NOVEMBER 3 2020 Β  Hope you all received your welfare packs! My personal favourite within it is Boomer, been a long time since I had one! Hopefully the welfare packs will lift the mood up a little πŸ˜‡ This week’s CUMaSKini is basically the same one as last weeks (not really much going on…
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CUMaSKini Michaelmas 2020 – Week 4

WEDNESDAY β€“ OCTOBER 28 2020 Time really does fly πŸ•°. Week 4 is coming and soon week 5 (along with week 5 blues and my crushing workload and unwatched lectures). Online lectures are great (for me to procrastinate) but I really miss social activities. That’s why CUMaS is working very hard to put out all these…
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CUMaSKini Michaelmas 2020 – Week 3

WEDNESDAY β€“ OCTOBER 21 2020 #RakyatRabu 1 ConnectCUSEAS x Tengku Zatashah – Forces for Good: Improving Environmental Sustainability and Food Security in Southeast Asia (26 October) Don’t forget today’s #RakyatRabu Launch! Hope to see you all there.  P.S. We’re officially affiliated with ICMS Scholars! Word is they’re recruiting right now πŸ‘€ go check them out if…
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CUMaSKini Michaelmas 2020 – Week 2

TUESDAY β€“ OCTOBER 13 2020 Hello freshers! Welcome to CUMaSKini, your one stop newsletter for CUMaS activities and sponsors information. Despite the pandemic, CUMaS still has plenty of activities in store, from #RakyatRabu to Malaysian Film Festival. Make sure to keep and eye out for them! Michealmas Term Card #RakyatRabu 1 HELP NEEDED TO PRODUCE MNIGHT FILM!…
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CUMaSKini Michaelmas 2020 – Week 1

TUESDAY β€“ OCTOBER 6 2020 Welcome back! Hopefully all of you had a long fruitful summer (6 months long, but perhaps not long enough). Regardless of whether you are be it in Malaysia or Cambridge, stay safe πŸ™†πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ MICHEALMAS TERM CARD! Despite the pandemic, the committee is working hard to make CUMaS the society we all…
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