CUMaSKini Michaelmas 2020 – Week 6


Getting a little demotivated to work recently 😪, anyone have any recommendations to motivate yourself to study? 🤓

  • #RakyatRabu3 – HOLLYWOOD

#RakyatRabu3 – HOLLYWOOD

#RakyatRabu continues with our next star guest, Adele Lim! She’ll be sharing her experience in the glamorous Hollywood as a Southeast Asian with us on:

18 November (Wednesday)
1pm to 2pm

If you have any juicy questions for her, how are stars actually like to how is it like being a minority in the industry, this is the perfect time to do so.

To submit any questions, please fill in this form.

Aldric Goh
CUMaS Publicity Officer 20/21