Freshers’ Camp and Banquet 2012

On the 8th of September, CUMaS held its first ever Freshers’ Camp at The Saujana Hotel, Kuala Lumpur. The freshers arrived in the afternoon and were raring to go, but of course, being Malaysians, a few of us were fashionably late. Things got off to a great start as we went through several hilarious rounds of icebreaking activities. The freshers started to warm up to each other and more fun–filled activities ensued, involving blindfolds, races and  marshmallows (ask the freshers if you’re interested!).

In the evening, the slight drizzle didn’t stop us as we went indoors for — in true Cantabrigian spirit — an entertaining trivia quiz. The fun went on through dinner, through the night and continued the next morning. The camp officially ended after lunch on the 9th of September. Most of the freshers left then whilst others stayed behind at the hotel until the banquet.

This year’s CUMaS Fresher’s Banquet was held in KL Hilton. From the start, the air was rife with Malaysian chatter from the 50 attendees. The freshers got to meet many second year students and were excited and keen to find out more about Cambridge. Inspirational speeches were given by our President and the VIPs, tons of photos were also taken, making it a memorable night indeed!

The purpose of the camp and banquet is for the freshers to get to know each other as well as our society. And I dare say that through all the fun and hilarity and ‘chubby bunnies’, we have achieved our purpose. Thank you to all the freshers for making our camp and banquet such a success!