2017 CUMaS Annual General Meeting Manifestos

Click the link on the name to read the candidates’ manifestos. An asterisk (*) indicates a candidate’s second choice.


Danial Imran
Tze Donn Ng
Li Hong Liew


Dee Loon Lai
Matthew Tang


Jiang An Lim
Hong Liang Teoh

Publicity Officer:

Xin Wen Yap

Welfare Officer:

Yen Xing Ooi
Hao Zhe Chun

Entertainment Officer:

Hao Zhe Chun*

Sports Officer:

Zi Khang Lin

General Committee:

Technical Officer

Yi Kye Khong

External Officer

Yi Heng Lim

Socials Officer

Alumni Officer

Stephanie Chng

General Committee

Danial Imran*
Tze Donn Ng*
Li Hong Liew*
Dee Loon Lai*
Matthew Tang*
Jiang An Lim*
Xin Wen Yap*
Zi Khang Lin*
Yen Xing Ooi*