YH2 Capital Management expands the YH2 Capital Scholarship Programme

YH2 Capital Management today announced the expansion of the YH2 Capital Scholarship programme in conjunction with Magdalene College, Cambridge University to fully empower two students, up from one student previously, to pursue their dream of studying at Cambridge University, without being constrained by financial means or choice of prospective employment.

The YH2 Capital Scholarship programme now offers up to two fully-funded, bond-free Scholarships to Malaysians each year for undergraduate study at Magdalene College, the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom. The value of each Scholarship can be up to £220,000 (more than RM1 million) for a four-year undergraduate course.

The selection committee of the Scholarship is looking for up to two outstanding Malaysian candidates with exemplary academic and personal qualities who will not have the full financial means to pursue a degree at the University of Cambridge without the help of the Scholarship.

Application requirements

Applicants for the Scholarship must name Magdalene College as the College of choice on their application to the University of Cambridge and received a conditional offer of a place at Magdalene College. For more information regarding the Scholarship and the application procedure, please visit www.yh2capital.com/yh2-capital-scholarship/. The application is currently open and will be closed by February 2022.