CUMaSKini 23/03/2013: Committee Expansion, Oxbridge Games, Easter Garden Party, Gamuda Talk

Oh look at you, reading our very first CUMaSKini. Good for you! Aw, and you look so excited and/or frightened! It’s okay, we’re excited too.

Hello! We’re the 2013/2014 Committee for CUMaS, and we can’t wait to get started. We’ve never been dark overlords before! Well, except Livia. You really don’t want to mess with her play. But that’s an entirely different (critically acclaimed, Oscar-winning) story.

To kick it all off, we’d like to thank you so much for your support at Hustings! Since then, we’ve expanded the committee a bit and we can’t wait for you to meet them down below! Also, we hope everybody’s having a great Easter holiday so far. Rest assured your new committee are hard at work planning another line-up of term events. Easter term promises the much anticipated Oxbridge Games, and there’s also been word that preparations for the CUMaS Garden Party are already underway. More presently, our esteemed platinum sponsor Gamuda Berhad is coming down to Cambridge the 10th of April for a talk. The details are listed below. The ICMS Newsletter for March is also out and is attached for anyone who’s interested. There’s a familiar face or two in there too if you need any more encouragement. CUSEAF (Cambridge University South East Asian Forum) is also currently recruiting for their 2013/2014 committee. Find out more about how to apply below.

Again, we’d like to thank everyone for their support at Hustings. Let’s have a good run, everybody! 

And now all that’s left is to make it official.


Yang baru dan bersyukur,

CUMaS Committee 2013/2014

CUMaSKini 13/03/2013: Hello, Goodbye!

It’s the end of Lent, and the beginning of winter…

We hope you enjoyed the AGM at Newnham yesterday! We had a very fun Hustings, free food, and a little electorial drama (recount!) to spice up the meeting. Congratulations to the newly-elected committee for 2013/14! With the end of the AGM comes the end of the current committee’s reign of terror, so please support the incoming committee who, we are sure, will plan a fantastic year ahead for CUMaS!

Not to forget (this is a newsletter after all), our platinum sponsor Celcom is currently screening applications for their graduate programme. If you are interested, see below for more information.

Finally, with this comes the last issue of CUMaSKini by the 2012/13 Committee. We hope we’ve served CUMaS and you well, and we thank you for your support over the past year. Below you can find our goodbye messages to all of you. Thank you for making CUMaS a truly amazing society to work for!

Sekian, terima kasih.

Yang benar,
CUMaS Committee 2012/2013

CUMaSKini 10/03/2013: CUMaS AGM Tomorrow, Research Survey

Winter is coming… again. As Lent term ends, we find ourselves in a similar position as we were at the end of Michelmas; that is, tightly curled up under a blanket with a cup of hot Milo nearby.

But Monday arrives soon, and we all have to leave our warm shelters eventually. So wrap up tight and head on over to the CUMaS AGM tomorrow evening at Newnham College. Highlights include complaining to the current committee on our lack of response to the sudden cold weather chill, and watching young’uns convince you to vote for them while shivering (cold? nervous? who knows?).

Important reminder: If you’re unable to attend the AGM (snowed in, attacked by sentient snowmen, etc.), please register for proxy voting by tonight! Details are below.

Finally, we have a survey by an undergraduate doing research on Malaysians studying abroad.

Yang tutup kedai,
CUMaS Committee 2012/2013
(only one CUMaSKini left…)

CUMaSKini 04/03/2013: Candidate Manifestos!

We hope you enjoyed this year’s Malaysian Night! With that over, there’s only one event left for the current committee before we step down. That event, of course, is finding a crew of motivated, dedicated and capable people to take over for the upcoming year. So we are proud the present the manifestos of the candidates for the upcoming CUMaS AGM!

A few events by our friends around the UK: the Chinese Cultural Society is putting on a hilarious comedy, "Somalian Pirates", this weekend.. And the Universities of Newcastle, Northumbria and Durham are putting up a joint production, the North-East Malaysian Night, at the end of the month.

Yang tua,
CUMaS Committee 2012/2013

CUMaSKini 18/02/2013: Malaysian Night 2013, AGM Information

Lent is coming to a close, and with it we proudly announce the last two CUMaS events of Lent Term! First up, the big production of the year, our annual play-and-dance, our Malaysian Night 2013! Featuring a stellar cast and dance crew, this is one event you will not want to miss! The following week, we’ll be holding our Annual General Meeting at Newnham College. Make your vote count, as you’ll be electing the future of CUMaS!

Yang berlakon,
CUMaS Committee 2012/2013

CUMaSKini 15/02/2013: Tony Fernandes, CNY Dinner, Postgrads’ Dinner, CIE Consultancy

Happy post-Valentine’s Day!

If you’re interested in Asian business pioneers, you’ll be happy to know that Tan Sri Tony Fernandes is holding a talk in Oxford University soon! Sign up soon to avoid missing this wonderful opportunity. Also, a reminder of several CUMaS events coming up: the CNY dinner is this Saturday (tomorrow!), and we are also holding a Postgraduates’ Dinner this coming Monday. Finally, there is a paid consultancy opportunity with CIE if you are fluent in Malay.

Dengan penuh kasih sayang,
CUMaS Committee 2012/2013

CUMaSKini 27/01/2013: CNY Dinner, PakSoc Annual Charity Ball

Hello yet again!

For those who came, we hope you had a wonderful Lent Formal at Trinity! Good food, good company and good fun are important cornerstones of CUMaS, so we hope you’ll join us for the upcoming Chinese New Year Dinner! Book your place below!

Yang sejuk,
CUMaS Committee 2012/2013

CUMaSKini 22/01/13: Upcoming Lent Formal, CNY Dinner, Football Tournament, Raja Petra and more!

Winter! Hope you’re feeling warm and cozy in your rooms! This week’s CUMaSKini is packed full of goodies.

First up are a load of CUMaS related events: a reminder of the Lent Formal this Saturday, the CNY Dinner coming up in mid-February, and a Football Tournament in late February! Don’t forget to check out the updated term card for the remaining events of the term.

Then a host of other announcements: a guide on registering for postal votes for the upcoming Malaysian election; CUSEAF’s upcoming talk featuring Raja Petra Kamarudin, CUMSA’s upcoming musical and finally, iCUSU recruiting country ambassadors.

Yang sejuk,
CUMaS Committee 2012/2013

CUMaSKini 16/01/13: Lent Formal

We’re back! As a reminder, here is the Term Card for Lent 2013: First up on the list is our ever-popular Lent Formal!

To those who have ordered and paid for a hoodie, we will be contacting with more details in the near future on how to collect them.

We hope you have a great term, and see you at the CUMaS events!

Yang kembali,
CUMaS Committee 2012/2013

CUMaSKini 17/12/12: CUMaS Hoodies Deadline Approaching!, Ichiro Christmas Buffet Lunch

Twas the week before Christmas, when all through Cambridge
Not a student was stirring, safe in their college.
Their hoodies were old, full of dust and dirt,
When CUMaS made hoodies to cover their shirt.

Please order quite soon, the deadline is near,
Oh, Ichiro buffet lunch, is that what I hear?
And us here at CUMaS, say to you with delight,
"Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good-night!"

Yang berehat,
CUMaS Committee 2012/2013