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CUMaSKini 14/11/2013: iCUSU World Food Festival, Malaysian Food Feast, Weekly Slot for Badminton Courts, ASAP Black-Tie Poker Night

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14th Novemberctober 2013

Hello you beautiful human, you!
With this lovely Thursday morning marking the end of dreaded Week 5, I hope everyone’s feeling a little less blue and a little more coo-coo-ca-choo.

If any of you are still feeling the Week 5 Blues, though, we have just the thing for you!

Kicking off on the 23rd November is the iCUSU World Food Festival (WFF) which promises delectable nom-noms from all over the world. Pre-sale tickets go live soon, details below!

And just because there’s no such thing as too much good food, just a week after the WFF is our very own 2013 Malaysian Food Feast (MFF)! Tickets are on sale now, so scroll down for more details. We also require your assistance in the form of your rice-cookers, chopping boards and knives! They will be put to good use in feeding you, we promise!

CUMaS also now has a weekly slot for the Badminton Court at John’s Fisher Building every Monday, 4-6pm, in case there really is such a thing as too much food (there isn’t).

Oh and Animal Aid and Save Planet Society  (ASAP) is holding a Black-Tie Poker Night on the 16th November. Sign-up links below!

Have a good and fulfilling (or just filling) November!


Yang lapar,

CUMaS Committee 2013/2014


CUMaSKini 20/10/2013: Notts Games, ABACUS’ Funkyard, MNight Auditions, Teach for Malaysia, CUCNY Charity Run

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20th October 2013

What’s up, buttercup? I hope everyone’s had a good first week/is not dying from Freshers flu. But worry not! Regardless of how your week’s gone, it is now immediately better because look! A swanky CUMaSKini! (yay)

So first off, Nottingham Games sign-up sheets are up! Come join us in throwing the beat down (or frisbees if that’s more your thing) as we battle it out at this year’s Games. Oh, and remember to pay for your bus ride if you’ve signed up.

We’re also subsidising CUMaS entry at ABACUS’ Funkyard clubbing event this Tuesday, the best Oriental club night in town with all the other major Asian societies, so get excited!

MNight Auditions are also kicking off  next week. Whether you’re looking to act or dance, or just chill out as a tree, your Ents Officer has a message for you down below.

We’re also looking for volunteers (who eat for FREE by the way *wink wink* *subtle hint*) for our Malaysian Food Feast (MFF) next month!

Before that though, Teach For Malaysia will be visiting us next week to speak to fellow Malaysians (hey, that’s you!) about changing education inequalities back home.  More details below!

Lastly, the Cambridge University Chinese New Year Trust (CUCNY) will also be holding its Annual Charity Run next week.

Let’s have a good Michaelmas everybody!


Yang masih sihat,

CUMaS Committee 2013/2014


CUMaSKini 10/10/2013: Fresher’s Squash, Michaelmas Formal, Notts Games, ICMS, CUSTC, Cross-cultural Study

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10th October 2013

Hello my lovelies! Following a long painful summer of not hearing from me (I know, it was tough on me too), your favourite Malaysian newsletter is BACK.

We hope all of you have had a great summer, whether you spent it interning, pigging out on Malaysian food or just watching every episode of Breaking Bad.

To all our new bright-eyed freshers, welcome to Cambridge: where the Queen keeps drowning in your wine (so rude), your mail occupies the holes of pigeons, and your spirit animal is a bike. Not to mention our slick wizard robes/gowns.

To our less new but fresh-as-ever returning students (we’re talking Will Smith fresh), welcome back!

Guns-blazing, bike-riding, and hands in the air (don’t do this at home, kids), we’re kicking off this Michaelmas with some great events.

First off, head down to Jesus Green this Sunday for our Fresher’s Squash to meet the rest of the CUMaS family; freshers, seniors, maybe even a few dinosaurs? With food, games and majestic ancient reptiles, what more could you ask for? Also, fast approaching, next week’s Fresher’s Michaelmas Formal is another thing not to miss, with Nottingham Games also coming up in just under a month. Check below for the event details!

In addition, if you’re interested in making a significant impact on Malaysia while working with some of the most inspiring people around, check out the ICMS Cambridge Roadshow as the International Council of Malaysian Scholars and Associates visit Cambridge next Saturday. Also, if you’re interested in trading (no, not pokemon cards), our partner the Cambridge University Securities Trading Club has a message for you just below.

Lastly, if any of you are interested in taking part in a cross-cultural study of well-being in Malaysia, Daniel and Dr. Margaret Kern from the University of Pennsylvania are looking for volunteers, details below!


Yang ingin bertemu kamu,

CUMaS Committee 2013/2014


CUMaSKini 31/07/2013: Alumni Connect, LIVE Radio Interview, Event Reminders

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31st July 2013

Hey guys, just a quick CUMaSKini reminder of some big upcoming events. Most of these have already been mentioned previously so I’ll just keep this short and sweet (like baby carrots!)

Also, if any of you old legends and alumni are reading this, we’d like to stay in touch! We know you’re likely to be busy, but if you would like to help us build our Alumni Network, please visit our Alumni Connect Google doc below.

As for the events…

Kicking off with the Oxbridge Debate and the Alumni Networking Event on the 3rd August 2013, we’re going to be up for a pretty busy month. Just before that though, this Thursday, remember to catch the LIVE Radio Interview of your President and External Officer being interviewed about Outreach. Then, on the 17th August, Outreach comes to Kuala Lumpur with Outreach-KL, with Outreach-Johor Bahru just a week later!
Check below for the need-to-knows of the events.

Yang sibuk tapi teruja,

CUMaS Committee 2013/2014


CUMaSKini 16/07/2013: Alumni Networking, Oxbridge Debate, Asia Recruit

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16th July 2013

Well, hello there, it’s me again! Surprised? Ecstatic? Overcome with positive and confusing but nonetheless positive emotions? Oh, you sweet-talker, you. I bet you say that about all your Publicity Officers.

So first off, with summer break in full swing, and the sun trying to set me on fire, I hope you guys are enjoying your holiday. Travelling, friends, good weather, family, food… Life’s pretty good, guys. What else could you want?

Oh, I know.

Maybe this CUMaSKini.

There you go, now everything is perfect.

So, while term is out for a few months, there are still a few things going on. Here’s a quick heads up!

First off, this August, we will be having our very first Alumni Networking Gathering which will mark the launch of our upcoming initiative: the Oxbridge Mentorship Programme. Check below for all the details. Also, there will be limited spaces so be sure to sign-up quick below if you’re interested!

On the same day, we will also be having the Oxbridge Debate at Sunway University College, just nearby where we will be having the Alumni event, so be sure to pop in to give your support to our Cambridge debaters (or Oxford if that’s more your thing, I won’t judge) (Yes I will).

Also, Asia Recruit are looking for quantitative researchers in a research subsidiary of a US headquartered investment management company. Graduates, if you are interested please do check the e-mail below for all the details.

Have a good summer!


Yang pergi mamak,

CUMaS Committee 2013/2014


CUMaSKini 15/6/2013: Garden Party Tomorrow, CUMaS Families, Outreach-Sandakan, KK

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15th June 2013

Hello, you, you lucky fella you! After all that work and studying, it’s finally time for a little taste of freedom. Or if you don’t like consuming freedom (tastes sort of like champagne and flour, but on your face), maybe have some good ol’ Malaysian food instead. Much easier to digest, and lovingly transported all the way from London, there’s no way you’d want to miss out on tomorrow’s Garden Party.

Also, believe in love at first sight? We don’t. We’re more of an arranged-marriage-and-then-adopt-some-kids kind of people. We’re really romantic that way. To start a CUMaS family of your own, sign-up on the doc below! 

Lastly, this Summer, Outreach is coming to cities near you! (if you live near KL, Sandakan or KK) More details on CUMaS’ newest initiative below!


Yang terbebas dari Tripos (yay),

CUMaS Committee 2013/2014


CUMaSKini 24/04/2013: Addendum

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24rd April 2013

Hey again!

I’m sorry.

I know this seems a bit clingy, but I’m back. I know, I need to give you guys some space. But… why keep us apart? Why stop something so beautiful? Why-

Alright, here’s the deal guys, I lied.

I told you guys that there was a poster attached of the splendid Pajama-Rama, feeding in its natural habitat, and lo-and-behold, there was no poster.

But, I’ve remembered to attach one now! Check it out for the latest, confirmed details of the Garden Party.

Also, the sign-up form for the Easter Formal has just gone up on the website so check that out!

Once again, sorry about e-mailing all of you so much (not really!)
Have a good Easter term!

Yang minta maaf,
CUMaS Committee 2013/2014

CUMasSKini 09/04/13: Oxbridge Games (Latest Details), CUMaS Outreach, Dirt on the Garden Party, Gamuda Talk Cancelled

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9th April 2013

Hello, good people of CUMaS! With just over two weeks of Easter Break left, I imagine there are some of us who are starting to feel a little pressed for time.


Sound familiar? Well, fear not, because speaking about things, here are some you can look forward to!

First off, this CUMaSKini! Hot and fresh off the print (key?), it even smells amazing. Go on, give it a whiff!

Okay, now if you’re done being weird, there’s also been a few changes for the upcoming Oxbridge Games, including the addition of two events, so be sure to check that out. CUMaS will also be carrying out its very first Outreach Initiative this summer in Malaysia. If you’re interested in helping us make a difference, be sure to sign up via the link below! Also, read up on the latest dirt on the elusive Easter Garden Party. Finally, regarding the Gamuda Talk on the 10th of April, it has unfortunately been cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances.

Yang bekerja lewat,

CUMaS Committee 2013/2014