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CUMaSKini 6/5/2014: Oxbridge Games Results, Garden Party, Outreach Volunteer Form, Online Tutors Needed

6th May 2014 Dear all, Hello! I know that most of you are busy with studies but do take a break for a minute or two and read this newsletter! First and foremost, I would like to state the obvious that WE WON THE OXBRIDGE GAMES! The detailed results are as below. There are a few…
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CUMaSKini 18/4/2014: Oxbridge Games, Outreach Volunteer Form, MNight Trailer, Cross-Cultural Management Survey

18th April 2014 Dear all, Greetings! We hope you have a very productive Easter break, because next week is the start of term! *yay* *cough did I just mentally say ‘yay’? cough* There are loads of announcements, namely the Oxbridge Games! We also have an Outreach volunteer form for interested participants to complete. The outreach form…
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CUMaSKini 29/3/2014: Committee Members, CUMaS Articles, UKEC Graduan Fair

29th March 2014 What’s new, honeydew?  It is your new CUMaS committee in action! So this is officially the first CUMaSKini issued by the 2014/2015 committee. Read on to know what’s hot and happening this Easter Break! Yang baru, CUMaS Committee 2014/2015   Finalised List of Committee Members CUMaS Articles UKEC Graduan Fair

CUMaSKini 11/3/2014: AGM Election Results, Good-bye :’)

CUMaSKini Header

11th March 2014

Just kidding. You didn’t really think we’d leave without a proper goodbye, did you? 😉

So what’s the scene, soya bean?

Soya think I am bean-curd. But I have no time tofu you into thinking miso funny.

Okay. Wow, jeez. So that was pretty bad.

But there is hope, because everything must come to an end; whether it’s winter, Lent term, or the horrible jokes of your Publicity Officer (lol. those were jokes?)

So without further ado, let’s welcome the newly-elected committee for 2014/2015! Congratulations, all of you! We hope everyone enjoyed the AGM last week (or at least the free food and sippy-sips at the back).

The new committee has our utmost support and we can’t wait for the amazing year they have planned for CUMaS, and hope to continue supporting and helping them should they ever need a hand 🙂 But they seem like they know what they’re doing. They’re a good bunch 😉

And now, all that’s left are a few good-byes from the 2013/2014 Committee.

It’s been a good run, we’ve really enjoyed being your comm, but more so, thanks for being such a supportive CUMaS family :’)


Yang tua dan bersyukur,

CUMaS Committee 2013/2014


CUMaSKini 4/3/2014: Candidate Manifestos & Voter Registration, MNight Tickets, Final 12 Hours of the UKEC MNight Trailer Competition

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4rd March 2014

What’s the word, hummingbird?

Me again.

I know, I know, I’m sick of me too. But look, I come bearing thee news!  Much news!

First off, presenting the Candidate Manifestos for the AGM 2014! Come watch your candidates fight to the death politely discuss their vision and capabilities as they vie for your love and support at our AGM next week. Also, don’t forget to sign up on the Voter Registration Form prior to the AGM.

With less than a week until MNight, don’t forget to purchase your tickets now before they all sell out! All tickets enter a raffle for free St. John’s formals!

In addition, we’re are in the Final 12 hours of the UKEC MNight Trailer Competition. So far, the support we’ve been receiving from all of you in the UKEC MNight Trailer Competition has been incredible! But we’re not calling it quits just yet. We still need a little push to achieve our goal of 5000 likes, so get sharing and liking! We promise you there will be a couple pleasant surprises along the way 😉

This video of us taking to the Cam like the majestic creatures we are, for example.


Yang sejuk,

CUMaS Committee 2013/2014 


CUMaSKini 1/3/2014: Manifesto Deadlines, AGM and Voter Registration, CUMaS MNight: May I Crash?, UKEC MNight Trailer Competition, TFM’s Thank You, CUCOS Annual Concert

CUMaSKini Header

1st March 2014

What’s the scoop, mushroom-soup? 🙂

Just a quick reminder that the deadline for the CUMaS Committee Manifestos is this Sunday! Also, with just over one week till the AGM, don’t forget that voter registrations are up. Whether you’re voting in person or by proxy, you’ll need to sign-up so we know we’re meeting quorum (yay, quorum!)

MNight is also fast approaching, so get your tickets now! Catch the CUMaS production of the year (also our only production of the year). Join our mismatched group of unlikely heroes as they attempt the ball crash of the century!

And while we’re on the topic of MNight, our trailer’s been entered into the UKEC MNight Trailer Competition in the run for £1000! This is money that would go right back into our events for you, making them bigger, better and more subsidised! But to win, we’ll need everyone’s help! That’s right, we need you! So, please check below for more details.

Teach For Malaysia also sends their regards and has a little thank you message for the great questions you had for them at our Education talk.

The Cambridge University Chinese Orchestra Society Annual Concert is also tomorrow, so check below to get tickets!

Let’s have a good Week 7, everybody!


Yang minum sup cendawan,

CUMaS Committee 2013/2014 


CUMaSKini 17/2/2014: Lent Formal, CUMaS Plus! Formal, MNight Event Page and Trailer, CUMaS Speaker Series, CUMaS Committee Elections, UCL MNight

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17th February 2014

It is about 4am as I begin this CUMaSKini. The world is a deathly quiet, save for the soft whirring of my heater and the clacking of my keys as I type this. The dim glow of my screen spills onto my desk like artificial moonlight, white and pallid. Reaching out for my mug, I cup the warmth in my hands and bring it to my lips, the taste of burnt coffee filling my mouth. I set it down and check my watch, questioning the insanity that are 9AM lectures. Further questions include “how long have I been asleep at my table?”, why is there a Haribo on my face?” and “hmm, should I eat it?”

Welcome to Week 5.

But hey, it’s not that bad (yes it is), because look, formals!

Registrations for the Lent Formal have opened on the Facebook CUMaS page. If you’re not already a member of the group, please do join it for more live updates on CUMaS happenings so you don’t miss out! Spaces are very limited, so sign-up quickly and make the payment to avoid disappointment (Treasurer Livia’s disappointment in your failure to pay her, that is).

We are also having our very first CUMaS Plus Formal for the grads who need a little break from Week 5. Again, spaces are limited so get on these metaphorical hotcakes now! 

Also, our MNight Event Page and Trailer has just gone live on Facebook so check that out and invite your friends! We also have a cover photo that’s the bee’s knees, so feel free to emblazon your Facebook profile with that.

Our Speaker Series will also kick off this week with Mr. Dzameer Dzulkifli, Teach For Malaysia CEO tomorrow, and  Mr. Tan Thiam Hock, founder of the international cosmetics brand SilkyGirl on Friday. Catch these two highly successful Malaysians as they share their experiences in their fields.

We would also like to emphasise the recent amendment in the details for the CUMaS Committee Elections. For clarification see below!

Further away, our friends at UCL MSoc are having their MNight: The Lost Prince next week. I hear it’s almost as good as the Cambridge one. Get your tickets and check out their trailer below!

Anyway, that’s all for now, hope everybody is keeping well and had a good Valentine’s and Chap Goh Mei 🙂

Week 5? Pfft, no problem.


Yang selalu sibuk,

CUMaS Committee 2013/2014 

CUMaSKini 6/2/2014: CNY Lunch Reminder, CUMaS Speaker Series, MNight Trailer, CUMaS Stash, Committee Manifestos, MIT Skype, Malaysia In.Spires, Welcome the Horse, LSE SU Emerging Markets Forum

CUMaSKini Header

5th February 2014

So what’s the deal, banana peel?

Happy belated Chinese New Year!

“Didn’t we just have New Year’s?”

“Yes, but what about second New Year’s?”

And what better way to rein in the Year of the Horse than reading this glorious newsletter. Recommended by four out of five dentists.

To get the figurative, imaginary ball rolling, a quick reminder for those who have signed up and paid: the CNY Lunch+Karaoke  is this Saturday. CUMaS will also be launching its Speaker Series later this month and our MNight Trailer will also be airing soon, so get  so keep an eye out for that.

Also, for those of you who ordered CUMaS stash, these snazzy blue jackets are now available for collection, complete with that new jacket smell! Mmm, cotton-polyester blend…

And speaking of new things that smell (lovely, I’m sure), we’re now accepting Manifestos for a new shiny CUMaS Committee!

We are also surveying interest/questions for an MIT Skype Session for members interested in applying to the States for Graduate Masters/PhD programs. Let us know what you want to know!

Also, our friends from ABACUS are having a Welcome the Horse Funkyard @ Lola Lo. Gee, I don’t know who this horse is but he must be pretty special! Get your tickets below!

A little further away from the ‘Bridge, our good buddy ol’ pals from Oxford University Malaysian Club are hosting Malaysia In.Spires 2014, an exciting  conference featuring current prominent Malaysian personalities. If you’re interested in attending, check out the proposal attached.

Spires not really your thing? Why not try some emerging markets? More interesting than submerged markets! LSE SU Emerging Markets Forum registrations are now open. Check below for more details.


Busy, busy start to the Year of the Horse, huh?

Saddle up, you’re in for ride!


Yang berkuda sekeliling,

CUMaS Committee 2013/2014

CUMaSKini 16/1/2014: CUMaS Varsity Jackets, Asia Business Forum 2014, Oxford Merdeka Scholarships

CUMaSKini Header

16th January 2014

Happy 2014, you lovely person you! Welcome back to term!

Gosh, look at you. Are you… taller? New hair cut, maybe? You seem different. Excited. Confident. Happier?  That New Year’s Resolution is looking really good on you. Or maybe your mocks have just finished. Or maybe you met Russell Brand. Or maybe it’s just the joy of reading this CUMaSKin- okay fine so it’s Russell Brand.

Whatever. I don’t care.

(I totally care)

So, what’s it been… like 1 month 15 days 11 hours 46 minutes and 29 seconds since our last little chat?

You’re way overdue.
Let’s get this party started.

First off, get all stashed up with CUMaS 2014 Varsity Jackets. Now with twice the varsity! Fill in your orders below!

Also, Asia Club’s flagship event, Asia Business Forum 2014 kicks off tomorrow. Get your tickets now if you’re interested!

And for anyone looking to do a post-graduate course at Oxford, deadlines are approaching for Merdeka Scholarships!

Let’s have a good term everybody!


Yang berjaket biru,

CUMaS Committee 2013/2014

CUMaSKini 29/11/2013: MFF, End-of-Term Pub Night, DRECK @ The Fountain, CNY Ball 2014, Churchill Spring Ball Early-Bird Tickets, LSE Finance Society Invitation

CUMaSKini Header

29th November 2013

Andddd we’re in Week 8! What’s kicking, guys?

With just one last week to go, the end is near! And what better way to celebrate than to gorge yourself on some Malaysian food. Why even wait till the end of term? Catch us this Saturday at the Malaysian Food Feast and gorge to your heart’s content. There are only a few spaces left so hurry and get your tickets!

Also, don’t forget about the CUMaS/CUMSA End-of-Term Pub Night this coming Monday! Kick back for an evening of drinks, catching up, and live music by Adele, Michael Jackson, and some of our very own (okay, maybe just the last one) (we don’t need you Adele!)

Speaking of live music, Chinese (HK) student rock band, DRECK, will be putting up a charity show this Sunday to raise money for those left devastated by Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines. Give back this holiday season and make a difference!

Also, the table booking is open for the Chinese New Year Ball 2014 – Moonlit Shanghai 新上海滩 (new on sea beach, if you’re wondering).

Today is also the last day to get reduced early-bird tickets for the Churchill Spring Ball 2014. I hear their Arts guy is totally the bees knees. And awesome. And cool. And totally not your Publicity Officer.

Finally, if you’re sick of Cambridge, why not hit London for LSE Finance Society’s Leaders Global Network Workshop?


Yang ingin bercuti,

CUMaS Committee 2013/2014