CUMaSKini 11/3/2014: AGM Election Results, Good-bye :’)

CUMaSKini 11/3/2014: AGM Election Results, Good-bye :’)

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11th March 2014

Just kidding. You didn’t really think we’d leave without a proper goodbye, did you? 😉

So what’s the scene, soya bean?

Soya think I am bean-curd. But I have no time tofu you into thinking miso funny.

Okay. Wow, jeez. So that was pretty bad.

But there is hope, because everything must come to an end; whether it’s winter, Lent term, or the horrible jokes of your Publicity Officer (lol. those were jokes?)

So without further ado, let’s welcome the newly-elected committee for 2014/2015! Congratulations, all of you! We hope everyone enjoyed the AGM last week (or at least the free food and sippy-sips at the back).

The new committee has our utmost support and we can’t wait for the amazing year they have planned for CUMaS, and hope to continue supporting and helping them should they ever need a hand 🙂 But they seem like they know what they’re doing. They’re a good bunch 😉

And now, all that’s left are a few good-byes from the 2013/2014 Committee.

It’s been a good run, we’ve really enjoyed being your comm, but more so, thanks for being such a supportive CUMaS family :’)


Yang tua dan bersyukur,

CUMaS Committee 2013/2014



1. CUMaS AGM Election Results

Thank you to everyone who attended and/or voted in the AGM! Here are the results:

  • The elected CUMaS Committee for 2014/15 is:

    President: Lauren Ong
    Secretary: Ziqing Liew
    Treasurer: Hui Xuin Chua
    Publicity Officer: Celine Wan
    Entertainment Officer: Haris Bin Abdul Halim
    Sports Officer: Jia Rui Chow
    Welfare Officer: Kaif Hilman
    General Committee: Varun Nadkarni, Ray Aun Fan, Zhi Hao Kok

Congratulations to all of you! We wish you the best of luck for the upcoming CUMaS year 🙂

2. Good-bye :’)


Humbled before 18 years of CUMaS legacy, it is this committee’s honour to expand what CUMaS is capable of doing. We did our best in many ways, from initiating nationwide Outreaching and Alumni networking events over summer, to maintaining the standards flagship events like MFF and MNight. These wouldn’t have been possible without my dedicated and talented team. Each committee member had his/her unique contribution, in best ways he/she knows how. Once again, thank you all for making CUMaS 2013/14 such an eventful and memorable one. To the incoming committee, I paraphrase what my predecessors wrote to us when we were newly elected last year – “Go ahead and outdo us”. There is still a lot of room for improvement, and I believe with those fresh ideas suggested in your AGM speeches, you will do wonders. We’re officially retired, but we are always there to assist you in any way possible. All the best!

 – Chia Horng Sheng, President 2013/14


To start off, I would like to say a big thank you to the whole committee for being the most amazing bunch of people, without whom I’m sure my journey this past year as the secretary would be much less smooth. I know I’ll definitely miss meeting and also working with all of you so often. Even though sometimes I get stressed out and my sleep becomes practically non-existent (although that was probably more because of Law), I must say that I do not regret taking part in this inspiring roller coaster ride. The whole CUMaS family has taught me so much, and made my life so much more fulfilling here that my contributions would never be enough to repay all of you lovely CUMaS people. All of you have made this society a warmer one, and for that, I will always be grateful. All the best to the new committee, and I’m sure that you all will pull off another great year for CUMaS!

– Irene Khor, Secretary 2013/14


I guess I’ll miss what has been my daily routine for the past one year:

• Spamming Facebook to beg people to pay up
• Spamming Facebook to announce that tickets have been ‘SOLD OUT’
• Spamming Facebook to get everyone’s help to sell tickets when sales are slow.

The truth is, I am already experiencing withdrawal symptoms from Google Docs and the HSBC online banking system. I am deeply honored to have had the privilege of serving CUMaS for the past one year. Especially being part of a team who aspires to expand CUMaS’ contributions back home and in Cambridge. We couldn’t have done this without building upon the legacy left by our many predecessors and the support and trust you have given to help us achieve our goals in reaching out to the young and connecting with our alumni.

All the best to the newly elected committee! You guys are an enthusiastic bunch and you’ll have our full support for the coming year. To my beloved committee members 2013/2014, thanks for creating many wonderful #momentsoflife in our journey together. I treasure the genuine friendships we have fostered.

– Livia Chan, Treasurer 2013/14


I guess this is good-bye, french fry :’)

Or not. You’ll probably be hard-pressed to get rid of us comms. You can take the comm members out of the CUMaS, but never the CUMaS out of the comm (really, me and Sam got chest tattoos).

It’s been such a crazy year; a whirlwind of 3AM CUMaSKini’s, late night meetings, jumping into the Cam… But already I know I’ll miss it, the amazing team I had the honour of being part of. You cannot even begin to understand how wonderful these people are, in their sincerity, dedication and constant support. To the new comm, you’re in for one hell of a ride, but enjoy every minute of it because gee whiz, what a ride it will be 🙂

And then there’s you, the reason why we do any of this. Thank you so much for your support all year, from reading this newsletter, to helping with the MNight publicity, to making it to all our events (food or no food). Witnessing CUMaS surge to the lead in the UKEC competition with the full force of the entire CUMaS family behind it was unbelievable. You guys don’t even know how proud I am of you and to have been your Publicity Officer.

You take care, polar bear (last one, I swear)

– Marcus Sim, Publicity Officer 2013/14


It’s been a whole year and I have to say reaching the end is a good feeling. I’ve learned so many things during my term as an Ents officer, and done things that I wouldn’t have had the chance to otherwise. Choosing to do Ents was a last minute decision for me: and looking back, it was the best spontaneous decision I made last year (that, and breaking into the Selwyn Ball). Thank you all for your contribution to the MNight, you’ve turned it from just a play to something much more valuable – a collaborative project spanning years, subjects, and talents. It was amazing working with you all, and I hope friendships don’t end just because the MNight has!

– Samuel Goh, Ents Officer 2013/14


Been a real pleasure working in this talented committee and for this fantastic society. Thank you everyone for the memories.

– Ramaraj Sundraraj, Sports Officer 2013/14


I can’t believe our time is up! Looking back at our term of 2013/2014, it has been a blessing serving and giving back to CUMaS and her members. I thoroughly enjoyed playing my role as your welfare officer and I’m glad that the community of Malaysians here at Cambridge is ever so strong. It has been great, being part of a team that not only managed to maintain the standards of the previous committee, but also pioneered two large-scaled, inaugural events over the summer of 2013. To the incoming committee, I believe that you will continue to bring CUMaS to greater heights, in both aspects of enriching her members holistically and increasing the awareness of our society to prospective students back home. It will be an amazing journey, working with brilliant individuals to whom each have their own unique strengths. My parting advice would be to always remain united, supportive and patient with each other.

Manly welfare love (for the last time *sobs*),
– Lim Tian Xi, Welfare Officer 2013/14


Gratz to the new committee! You guys so onz like crayonz I’m sure you all will do a great job. It was really fun being in the committee last year and I hope you guys will enjoy it too! All the best and remember to have fun once in a while 🙂

– Fong Kah Jo, Socials Officer 2013/2014


Little did I know, when I ran for general committee, that I will be elected into a demanding position as I am part of a very ambitious team this year But thanks to the support from my beloved committee members, we have managed to pull through the tough times and secured 50% more sponsorship funds this year.
Also, I am glad to be able to help in every activity organised by CUMaS including the newly launched Outreach and Alumni Networking Event. Working with all of you have made me feel homey as I have realised that we are always a team and the committee is one! Bravos to the 2013/2014 Committee and thanks to Horng Sheng for leading us to achieve so much in just one year’s time.
To the future committee, treasure your time working together. You will never know that this will be one of your greatest experience in your life. We will always give you the full support!

– Goh Kah Wei, Sponsorship Officer 2013/14


As technical officer, I didn’t do much. Yet I had the privilege of attending committee meetings where all manner of drama unfolded. Battle lines were drawn, wars were waged and star-crossed lovers were tragically torn apart—all because of the dates of formals, the price of MNight and the language of the proceedings.
But as a committee, we sorted out the bugs in the code and got stuff done, eventually. It’s difficult to describe what working with a team of personal friends is like. Haiya basically it’s very fun la, because you can make fun of each other all the time (actually we just made fun of poor Livia).
OK bye.

– Loo Han Rong, Technical Officer 2013/14


It was an amazing experience to have been given this position. Thinking of it now, I have no regrets in accepting the offer to do this although I was warned of the responsibilities that came with it. CUMaS has been a life lesson and one that has taught me a great deal. I would like to take this time to thank all the entire committee and members for thrusting me through various stages over the past year especially through MNight.

– Eythan Goh, Logistics Officer 2013/14


Hi everyone, just wanted to say it’s been a great privilege being the (not always present) graduate representative. I also take this opportunity to apologise if I’ve ever unknowingly stomped on anyone’s toes. Here’s to the new committee and to more undergrad and CUMaS plus integration! We CUMaS plus people are a fun lot, you know

– Grace Lim, Graduate Representative 2013/14


I wanna take this opportunity to say some words.

Thank you, Horng Sheng for your trust and bringing me into the committee. I have learnt from you that we are responsible for what we do, no matter how we feel.

Thank you, Livia for your dedication in Alumni events. You are like my big sister, always there to lend a hand.

Thank you, Irene, Kah Wei and Han Rong for all your support. Without you guys, I wouldn’t have learnt so much.

Thank you, Eythan for all your effort. You are that piece that completes our puzzle 🙂

To the rest of the committee, Sam, Marcus, Jo, Ram, Tian Xi, Grace and Victor. You guys are brilliant in your ways and will certainly go very far in life.

As human beings, many things can happen when you put a group of people together. Understanding or salah faham; pleasant or distasteful. They are no longer worth pondering now. Like Trinity and Johns, although both are in Cambridge, can sometimes still clash for meaningless reasons. All I really want to say is sorry for all the mistakes and hard feelings.

They say good-bye is the saddest word, but who knows. Perhaps it might end with a new hello?

– Gabriel Tan, Alumni Officer 2013/14


What a ride it’s been. We were an ambitious bunch, promising to do so much in our manifestos with keen, idealistic eyes. After what’s been a hectic, jam-packed year, I’m glad to say we kept our word, and had a great time doing so as well. I’d like to say a massive thanks to everyone who helped to make Outreach 2013 possible, especially the 2013/2014 committee for supporting the vision form inception right to the end. Thanks also to all who attended our inaugural Speakers’ Series. I sincerely hope that this has played a part in showing that Malaysia is a pretty awesome place to go home to, and to flourish in, regardless of what people may say. To the new committee, I wish you all the very best! Serve with passion, commitment, and never lose sight of why you decided to serve in the first place. CUMaS is indeed a family and we’re all here to support you. To my dear 2013/2014 committee, thank you for the dedication, the hard work, and for just being the vibrant, diverse, talented people you all are. It’s been an honour serving alongside all of you. The best is yet to be.

– Victor Chang, External Officer 2013/14