2018 CUMaS Annual General Meeting Manifestos

Click the link on the name to read the candidates’ manifestos. An asterisk (*) indicates a candidate’s second choice.


Amir Fariq
Athan Siah
Loh Yi Jer
Wong Wei Jie


Issac Teng


Hilary Thean
Max Khor

Publicity Officer:

Afif Akmal
Kristen Chin

Entertainment Officer:

Elisa Mohamad Izhan

Sports Officer:

Issac Teng*
Max Khor*

Welfare Officer:

Maisey Davidson
Hilary Thean*

General Committee:

Technical Officer

Brendan Beh

External Officer

Saw Khai Khai

Sponsorship Officer

Keh Zong Hao

Alumni Officer

Maisey Davidson*

General Committee

Amir Fariq*
Athan Siah*
Loh Yi Jer*
Wong Wei Jie*
Afif Akmal*
Kristen Chin*
Elisa Mohamad Izhan*